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Every girl has a “thing” she does in her beauty routine. You put your makeup on in a certain order, you put on that product before you shower; you do things without even realizing that you’re doing it. Those “things” are your beauty secrets! Secrets that deserve to be shared! This Blue Dress sisters compiled a list of all those odd beauty secrets that we have.

This Blue Dress Sister’s Beauty Tips

This Blue Dress spills our favorite beauty secrets!1. “Use a homemade body scrub of olive oil and sugar before you shower. You will have goddess skin.”

2. “Use bikini shaving cream on your legs to prevent razor burns. A little shaving cream goes a long way, so it lasts forever and is great for sensitive skin.”

What are your beauty secrets?

3. “Curl your eyelashes in three sections: base, middle, tip, to get a more natural looking swoop. Pump each section 5-10 times.”

4. “For especially dry hair, double condition your hair. First when you get in the shower, then continue with your shower routine. Finish with a wash and condition as normal.”

5. “Remove makeup with coconut oil on a cotton swab/pad. It breaks up the makeup and leaves your face baby soft.”

6. “Swap your hair towel for a cotton t-shirt after your shower. The material is better for your hair, and you’ll find less dead ends!”

We love using lemon juice in our homemade beauty scrubs.

7. “Combine sugar, lemon juice, and water to make a paste for your body before showering. Using this scrub will exfoliate your skin! Rinse and continue as you normally would for shaving. This will give you smoother skin!”

8. “Burned yourself on the curling iron? Use a slice of a potato to heal the burn faster!”

9. “I have terribly brittle nails. The best protectant I have found for them is Nail Medic by Pretty Woman NYC. It’s a clear polish that can be used by itself or as a base coat.”

10. “Cut sugar out of your diet the week prior to your big events (prom, wedding, or other occasions) for clear skin.”

Find out This Blue Dress's beauty secrets!

11. “Mix eyeshadow with chapstick for any colored lipstick! This is handy for improvising your favorite lip colors.”

12. “Fight frizzy hair by brushing at night before bed. The oil with be spread out and it will be less frizzy by morning.”

13. “Shaving brings on all kinds of red bumps. Lightly apply acne medication to the bumps to reduce redness and size.”


Comment below your thoughts on our list! What beauty secret would you add?

-This Blue Dress Sisters

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