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I’ve dyed my hair several times at home in the last few years, and I finally figured it was time to give my hair a break. I decided to try Color Oops, a product that claims to strip the dye out of your hair. It was ranked in the top 3 removers on many retailer sites, and only 10 bucks at Walmart.

color oops box

Now, I know that the saying “You get what you pay for” is often true. But I’ve found dozens of quality, bargain beauty products in the past, and I wanted to see if this would make the cut.

I started this process with light brown hair and dark roots.

I applied the product as directed and put my hair in the (included) sad excuse for a shower cap while the product set. The smell was absolutely rancid, and I considered aborting the mission just based on that. I couldn’t race to the shower fast enough once my 20 minutes were up.

The instructions note that you literally have to rinse for…20 minutes. Then shampoo 2-3 times after that, then condition. I did just that, and even set timers so I knew I rinsed my hair long enough. I was a little concerned though, because I didn’t see much color coming out in the water. By the end, my neck was hurting, and every ounce of oil in my body was stripped. But boy, my scalp was clean.

I was pleased to find that the smell mostly came out, but that ended the list of things I was pleased about. I actually laughed out loud as I blow dried my hair and it began to reveal its new orangey brassiness with my same dark roots. This picture simply does no justice to the horror that is now my hair. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I always have high hopes for any product that is on the shelf.

color oops before
color oops after

Yeah, I’d say this product was aptly named, and I’m sorry that I can’t say I recommend it. I do recommend going to a salon and having the pros help you.

But thank you, Color Oops, for giving me the opportunity to take the longest shower I’ve had since having kids. Can’t put a price on that “me time”.


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