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So school started again, what–two weeks ago? Just enough time for all of the fun midnight runs and “getting ahead in your classes” has worn off. What do you do now?

Well, it’s obviously time to forget about that reading due tomorrow and the cost of tuition and spend some time with your dearest friend. No..not your roommate.

The internet.

Yes, that’s right. Here, you can escape reality for 10..20…hours, and put off the truly important things. To help you out, here are my top 5 things you probably didn’t know about on the internet, and things you are probably safer NOT knowing about. Yeah, you could say I’m an expert.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that by choosing to follow these links, you are choosing to drop at least a letter grade in each of your classes. If you are already retired, or a mom, please proceed with no guilt. You deserve it!

Also, this post contains affiliate links so I will get a commission or points based on your purchases or sign ups at no extra cost to you. But most of the links are to favorite silly videos. Also at no cost to you.

  1. Number one is really all you will ever need. It is a compilation of every time-wasting and addicting thing you will find on the internet. I literally spent 30 minutes on this website while I was trying to write this post. Please give it up for…

See you next year.

2. Swagbucks

Now if you made it past the first website, I am impressed. You must have more self-control than me, or you’re not really into wasting your time. That’s why I would like to present you to my friend, Swagbucks.

Play games. Win prizes. So this one is legit! I actually did get the prize in the mail, and an Amazon e-giftcard (YAY!), so I’m a witness that it actually works….you know you’re going to be playing games anyway…why not win amazon gift cards so that you can spend more time online? And then you can justify the time you are wasting online because you’re buying cool stuff! Win-win!

Sign up here! (affiliate link)

What are some of your favorite websites or videos?

3. Pinterest

Now we all know Pinterest (otherwise the world would be a lot less organized and birthday parties would be a whole lot less creative!) But, did you know you can look up memes and quotes on Pinterest too? Specifically mom memes. Or running quotes. If I type in either of those things, I am definitely not doing my homework until the day it’s due.

For your mom memes

Click here to go to those running quotes.

If you actually want to be organized or have cute birthday parties, you just go ahead and follow this link for our Pinterest boards! Or check out some of our party posts like this cute Frozen-inspired party we had this year! 

4. ThisBlueDress.Com

Well if you’re looking for more things to do online, I have no shame in redirecting you to this awesome blog! My sisters help balance out the blog by writing about things to improve your lives and use time more productively. (Thank goodness!) We are also on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, so you have no excuses!

5. Good ol’ Youtube

Okay, so it’s not new to you, but here are some videos that very likely ARE new to you! Unless of course, you are my sister, and I am constantly sending you links to new videos!

  1. 5 sec dog video  Feel free to watch on repeat. 
  2. “The worst music video ever” (Thank you Sweden!)
  3. A caffeinated romance

And Taylor’s response! (Make sure to watch this one next!)

  1. For those who love (and do not love) CATS
  2. Krispy Kreme 2012 (This was shown to me in a college-level class, so it must mean more than two kids singing in their basement… right?)
  3. For those who also love High School Musical and Frozen as much as I do!
  4. The yodeling Chinese chicken farmer (Thank you, roommate!)
  5. For you Harry Potter lovers
  6. Studio C: Bad Inventor (Feel free to check out all of their videos, because I think they are all pretty hilarious!)
  7. And…if you have made it this far on the list…you are worthy of my favorite youtube video ever.


This video has been quoted more times than any Disney movie in my family (which is a big deal, folks). Skip the introductions at the beginning, but trust me….it’s oh-so very worth it.


You did it! You made it through the list. Now, if you are feeling particularly time-wastey, just go ahead and start with number one…and then revisit every site again…surely they have refreshed it since you last checked, right?


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