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Moving to college is exciting, stressful, and HECTIC. You’re trying to see your friends one last time before you part ways, spending time with your beloved family, and of course…. Packing up your room. I am moving not only out of my house but out of my home state! Suffice to say, space is limited. Very limited. My room is currently in shambles with posters rolled up in one corner, trophies sitting in boxes, my shoes scattered across the floor and suitcases bursting with clothes. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts while packing for college… From a girl who is DOING it.

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What To Bring To College:

  • Seasonal clothing. Unless your dorm room or apartment is similar to a Mary Poppins magic bag (appears small but can hold a hat stand, a lamp, a plant…?!?!) I know you’ll be crammed for space just like every other college student. Save yourself some struggle and only take the clothes you need for the current season. When you come home on breaks, swap out your clothes for the next seasons!
  • Twin XL Sheets and Comforter. The standard size for college beds? Twin XL. Hit up and look at the super cute bedding sets they have! This one, in particular, is my favorite.

Bonus tip: buy 2 sets of sheets. On laundry day it will be great to have a backup set. 

  • Mattress Pad. Holla out to my fellow germaphobes. Guess what? That bed you’re going to be sleeping on? Try not to think about how many others have slept on that mattress. The only thing that is going to keep you safe (and sane) is a good ole mattress pad. These protect you from bed bugs and all kinds of gross things. Some dorms and apartments actually REQUIRE them!
  • Multivitamins. You’re surrounded by tons of people, you don’t get the correct amount of sleep and you eat raman. #college. Try to stock up on multivitamins to keep your energy up, your health stable, and to ward off germs. My favorites are the gummies.
  • Mini Fridge. I am blessed to have my own room, but I am sharing a kitchen with 5 other girls. Repeat after me: SPACE IS LIMITED. If you can afford a mini fridge to hold your Greek yogurts, your mini root beers, and yes, your peanut butter fudge cookies, then invest!
  • Bed Risers and Step Stool. Bed risers are a lifesaver when it comes to space. You can purchase actual bed rises or hit up your local hardware store for cinder blocks. This allows you to store that huge luggage or storage bins somewhere other than the middle of your room. But don’t forget that when you raise a bed, it is harder to get into. Check out Walmart’s cute step stools
  • Command Hooks. Most dorms and apartments do not want you using nails or push pins on their precious walls. My apartment charges $5 a hole! Under NO circumstances am I putting a hole in that wall. Instead, I’m taking command hooks to hang up my mirror, my beautiful artwork, and my coats. No fine for this gal.
  • Sticky notes. Sticky notes are gifts from heaven. They will save you from forgetting a phone number. They will remind you of a big event coming up. They will allow you to leave passive-aggressive notes to your roommates, and more importantly ENCOURAGING notes to roommates (and yourself!). You can go plain style or get some with cute shapes or designs like these heart sticky notes from Amazon. 
  • Disinfectant wipes/Cleaner. Do yourself a favor (and your building owner a favor) and keep your room germ free! You should wipe down your hard surfaces (desk, door handles, your PHONE) about once a week. More during flu season!
  • Water Bottle/Travel Mug. Skip the bottled water and the expensive Starbucks hot chocolate (and coffee too) and invest in a nice bottle! Our family really likes the Contigo Water Bottles. Make your drinks from home and use that amazing thing you have access to at class AND at home…. Tap water! Not into tap water? Buy a filter! Save your wallet and the environment from constantly buying bottled water and drinks. 
  • Photographs and “home things”. It is fun to go shopping for all these new college decor items! And a little splurge is ok if that is what you want. But the worst thing would be to get to your new college room…And have it look like a display from Target or IKEA. Make it YOUR room. Bring photographs of your family and friends. Bring that stuffed animal that you’ve had since you were 6. That quilt your grandma made you? Bring it because I can bet on days you are homesick, I bet you’ll be cuddling with that and not your fancy comforter.

Bonus tips:

Need that space?!
  1. Flying out to school? So am I! And I am out of space too. Try to find someone near you who will be driving to your school soon – ask them to take a box for you!
  2. Family near campus? Use them as free storage!
Packing Jewelry
  1. Do NOT throw all your necklaces into a bag. They will get tangled. Take note of how this popular jewelry store, Charming Charlie’s, wraps their jewelry for customers. Tissue paper! Wrap all your necklaces individually in small pieces of tissue paper! That way they won’t tangle with the others. Throw your earrings into an old makeup bag and place all the tiny packages of necklaces on top. 
Can’t sleep with noisy roommates?

Skip the pricey noise maker and use your phone to download dozens of free noise apps. They have everything from rain sounds to birds chirping.


What items are on YOUR list? Comment below what items you wish someone had suggested that you bring to college!

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