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Attention high school and college students! Want free gifts and coupons for something you already do? Check out Pocket Points™ – Pocket Points, Inc. ! (affiliate link)

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We live in an era of cellphones. I wouldn’t say I am addicted to my cell phone, but when my boyfriend is 1,214 miles away, I do find myself on my phone a lot. Either way, it is HARD to put your phone away for a few hours to go to class. But what if you could get rewards for it?

There is an app for this! It’s called Pocket Points™ – Pocket Points, Inc., and it’s an app that gives you free/discounted food at your favorite franchises, discounts on the hottest clothing, and all for paying attention in class! Simply download the app, turn on the location settings (so they can tell you are truly on your campus) and viola!

Not making sense? Let me break it down for you.

Once you have the app Pocket Points, you need to
  1. Accept the app’s invitation to use your cell phone’s GPS.
  2. Select your school’s campus when asked
  3. Be ON your campus
  4. Open the app so you can get points
  5. Lock your phone so you win extra points and DONE!

While you are taking notes in class, your phone will be counting the minutes you are off of it. In one day alone, I accumulated enough points for TWO WHOLE DOZEN Krispy Kreme donuts. FOR FREE. The app is free, my phone was off anyway, and I earned free food. How cool is that? (No, we are not affiliated with Krispy Kreme. But that would be pretty cool, right?)

So start taking those minutes that you’re off your phone on campus, and turn them into rewards.

Being a good student has never tasted so good.


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