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If you’re a new or struggling beginning blogger, please know you’re not alone! In this post, I’ll share some encouragement and insight into the blogging world and give you strategies that will help you grow your blog in 2020.

*This post is sponsored by Intellifluence. All opinions are our own.

What Not to Do to Start a Blog

I have always loved to write and share what I know. I dreamed of creating a blog in 2009 when most blogs were a lengthy journal with a few fuzzy digital camera shots thrown in and played country music in the background.

Fast forward to 2017 when my sisters and I decided it was finally time to launch our blog This Blue Dress into the world. 

I had zero web design experience and after a LOT of research, I decided I would just go for it and followed the first promising tutorial I found on Pinterest (please, please don’t do this!) to start my blog in 15 minutes and for less than $20. A few hours later, we officially had a website! But…

Almost $500 and many, many hours later of learning to build it myself, we actually had a functioning website. 

Then we were thrown into the competitive world of blogging with another Pinterest promise that we could grow a blog that produced a full-time income with just a few easy steps in less than 6 months. 

Needless to say that was not our experience. 

Does that happen for some people? Yes! But blogging takes blood, sweat, and tears and is definitely not the easy way for a quick buck unless you are extremely lucky. 

Strategies for Starting or Growing a Blog in 2020

These are the key strategies/steps I wish someone would have told me when we were beginning our blog and are still relevant in 2020.

Build Your Blog with Reliable Blogging Resources

If your blog is still just a dream or you are in the beginning stages of building your blog, please spare yourself a lot of grief and don’t just Google your way through starting your site. I’ve learned a ton this way, but it’s come at a heavy price in both time and money.

We have found some great resources for growing your blog step-by-step that are truly legit and fit a variety of budgets. That’s another post we plan to write soon, but you can always email us at our Contact Page for our current recommendations. We’ll only share what we’ve tried and loved and actually found helpful. We’ve tried a LOT of duds but have found some gems. 

Embrace the Influencer Title

Influencers are made fun of all the time, and my sisters and I have been hesitant to embrace the role of influencer because of these negative stereotypes. This fear stunted our growth in the first two years of our blog. 

If you check out the actual definition in the business world, influencing is the foundation of our brand– “advice you’d share with your sister”! Influencing is about sharing your real experiences to help others.

If you feel your voice doesn’t matter or you can’t share your story because you’re still a work-in-progress, this blogger’s story is a must-read. Bennett perfectly captures how embracing the influencer role can help you grow your blog.

Monetize with Influencer Networks

Affiliate income and ad revenue are excellent sources of income for many bloggers, but these can take awhile to grow. How can you fund your blog in the meantime? Influencer Networks can be a great tool for beginning bloggers, and I wish we had incorporated this strategy earlier.

Influencer networks link brands with influencers to share their products and services and will pay you in either free product, money, or both. (You can email us or comment below if you want to know our favorite networks.) Many brands are excited to work with smaller blogs if you have developed a solid niche/voice and do quality work. 

You can build a portfolio for brand work and at least fund your blog expenses. Small gigs add up and are great as long as they are consistent with your personal brand.

Blogging has been a tough road at times, but it has also brought a lot of joy and fun, and (we hope) helped some of our readers and followers along the way. We don’t think blogging is dead in 2020, and we’re excited to grow along with you!

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