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Refresh Your Fall- A 30-Day Minimalism Challenge

Refresh. Simplify. Declutter. Minimize. Breathe. 

Minimalism is a great practice in your everyday life. It requires you to declutter your life in several areas. This challenge includes ways to improve all areas of your life: social media, family, your home, and more. Minimalism is all about focusing on/having the most important things. If you follow this 30-day challenge you’ll find that you are happier, cleaner, and less stressed!


How the 30-Day Refresh Your Fall Challenge Will Work

**This post will be updated with a new November dated calendar for 2018! Check back soon! 

Each day has a specific task to help you simplify an area of your life. We’ll be sharing some resources and tips to complete each day’s challenge here on the blog. The posts will be titled Refresh Your Fall Day ____ with the task listed. We’d love to hear about how the challenge is going for you in the comments below or on our Facebook page! You can also print off one of the PDFs of the schedule below to help you follow along!

Day 1: Clean out your wallet and/or purse

Day 2: Go through your closet; donate clothes you don’t need!

Day 3: Make a list of a friend’s/family member’s best qualities

Day 4: Write your best qualities!

Day 5: Journal for 20 minutes

Day 6: Clean out your car

Day 7: Go outside today!

Day 8: Donate books you never read

Day 9: Ditch the makeup today! Or go light

Day 10: Make a gratitude log

Day 11: Sort through your email until it says zero

Day 12: Meditate for 5 minutes

Day 13: Evaluate your last 5 purchases

Day 14: Go somewhere without your phone today

Day 15: Don’t spend money for 24 hours

Day 16: Don’t complain all day

Day 17: Declutter a storage area

Day 18: Say no to something

Day 19: No TV all day, read instead

Day 20: Do something kind for a stranger

Day 21: Downsize your makeup or products for another care routine

Day 22: Deep clean your refrigerator

Day 23: Spend time with family

Day 24: Unsubscribe, unfollow and unfriend

Day 25: Go through your medicine cabinet or your spice cabinet

Day 26: Wake up 30 minutes earlier

Day 27: Don’t check social media until after noon

Day 28: Eat only healthy food today

Day 29: Volunteer a part of your day

Day 30: Take a step towards a new goal

We hope this challenge helps you feel refreshed and ready as we move into the busy and joyful holiday season!


Refresh Your Fall 2017 Numbered Printable (1)

Refresh Your Fall 2017 Dated Printable

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