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Do you need help getting your WordPress speed optimized so you can rank higher on the next Google update? The WordPress Speed Optimization service from FixRunner is the perfect easy solution!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary site speed optimization service so I could share an honest review. All opinions stated are my own.

Great website speed is essential for ranking well on search engines. I knew our site needed a serious speed update, but after tweaking plugins and googling solutions for a few weeks, I gave up and moved to the next urgent thing.

However, I couldn’t ignore our slow loading time anymore as I continued to see the advice from reputable sites that one of the most important factors in the 2021 Google update for page experience is site speed. It was time to get this done.

I didn’t have the time or expertise to keep trying the DIY route. FixRunner’s WordPress Speed Optimization services were a great fit for my website. I’ll share my full experience below.

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5 Benefits of Having A Fast Website

But first, with the million things you need to work on to build a successful blog or website, why worry about site speed?

Because having a fast website will help you:

  1. lower your bounce rates because your readers get the information they need quickly. No one likes to wait forever for a page to load! This study from Google says if it takes longer than 3 seconds for your site to load, your reader is probably going to ditch your site and look elsewhere.
  2. get indexed faster because your pages can be crawled quickly and efficiently. You can learn more about that here.
  3. increase conversions! We want readers to do something on our websites. Sign up for our email list, buy a product, share on social media. High page speed will help those conversion rates.
  4. increase page views. Page views are an essential part of ad revenue and other income sources for websites.
  5. rank higher on Google and other search engines. We all like to choose from the top few pages on a web search, so that’s where you want your website to be.

Site Speed Before FixRunner Speed Optimization Service

I knew our website load time was slow, but I didn’t think it was this slow. Ouch!

8 second loading time! And a lot of audit issues that would have taken me hours to sort through.

No one wants to wait 6 seconds to interact with your site.

Site Speed After FixRunner Speed Optimization Service

3 second total load time. 1 second to interact.

And zero broken plugins or other issues for me to have to fix.

How to Get Your Website Up to Speed

My experience with FixRunner was the simplest tech update of anything I’ve done for our blog the past four years. Their ticket service was lightning fast. Not exaggerating.

All they needed was basic access info for my WordPress login and Domain Hosting. It took less than 3 minutes of my time for the email, and all the work was done promptly.

I had one loading issue that I didn’t know how to fix after the speed optimization, and the Fixrunner team had it corrected in five minutes after one email.

FixRunner has several pricing model options, and their customer service went above and beyond what I expected. You can get free quotes for site optimization, and you do not pay for the service until you are completely satisfied with the results.

You can get started with your FixRunner WordPress Speed Optimization Service here.

Remember it is critical to prepare your website speed for the upcoming Google ranking update’s focus on Page/User Experience. How are you getting your site ready?

Do you have questions about this FixRunner service? Let us know in the comments section below!

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