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I’ve been a ZYIA Active rep for three years and a half now and I absolutely LOVE it! I live in the clothes. They are extremely comfortable, premium quality functionality, and versatile enough I can wear them to the gym, my office, or out on the town. The community is AMAZING! Reps go out of their way to support, uplift, and help one another and we are constantly sharing ideas, photos and training tips. And the company takes such good care of its reps and customers. They really listen to feedback and work hard to operate by the 4 ZYIA pillars of Uplift, Community, Light and Activity. This opportunity has seriously changed my life.

But is becoming a ZYIA rep right for you? I’ve put together a list of some of the top FAQ people have when they are considering joining ZYIA and the answers to those questions.

Top 10 Questions about Becoming a ZYIA Active Rep

1: What is the startup cost?

Every rep has to purchase a starter kit to get started. The starter kit contains 5 staple items, a $100 USD ZYIA gift card for additional clothing items of your choice, and business tools. The kit also includes the first two months of your website free. All together, it is $295 USD. 

In Canada, you receive a similar kit with a $130 CAD ZYIA gift card and the kit costs $384 CAD. 

The 5 staple items in the kit do change, depending on available styles/sizes. Generally, they include a pair of leggings, a hat, a sports bra, a tank top, and a pair of pants or a jacket. You do get to choose which size you want in each staple item in the kit. There are Women’s and Men’s kits available.

2: Are there any requirements? 

To maintain your “active” status as a rep, you only have to sell/purchase $300 USD every 6 months. To earn commission, you have to sell at least $200 USD in a calendar month (1st of the month to the end of the month), but you will not lose your rep status if you do not sell anything in a given month. 

In Canada, you have to sell/purchase at least $390 CAD every 6 months to stay active and $260 CAD to earn commission for a given month.

3: How do I get paid and what is the commission like?

Commissions are paid via direct deposit around the 10th of every month for the previous month. The amount of your commission “check” can vary greatly, based on a variety of factors, such as how active you are in your business. I personally know women who make a few hundred dollars a month with ZYIA and I also personally know women who make more than 6 figures a year with ZYIA. How much you make is up to you!

4: Do I have to carry inventory?

No, you do not have to carry any inventory. This is one of my personal favorite perks of being a rep! You do not have to buy inventory and be out of money up front, you don’t have to store all of the clothes you want to sell, and you don’t have to personally ship anything to your customers. ZYIA does this ALL for you through their warehouses! Customers shop through your website (a website that corporate hosts and maintains), corporate picks their order, packs it, and ships it directly to the customer. It’s the best!

Currently, ZYIA has a warehouse in Utah that ships throughout the USA and another warehouse in British Columbia that ships throughout Canada. This keeps shipping times lower since you aren’t waiting for international shipping after you place your order.

5: Do I have to do parties?

No, you do not have to do parties. Many reps choose to run their ZYIA business through online or in person parties. However, you do not have to. Some reps prefer to sell at trade show booths, pop up events, or at their personal gym/boutique. Reps have been successful selling via all of these different avenues. There is no “right” way to run your ZYIA business. You get to choose what is best for you and run with it!

6: How do I earn money with ZYIA?

Commissions are two-fold. You earn 20-33% on your personal sales, depending on how much you sell in a month and what your current ZYIA rank is. 

You can also choose to build a team and earn 1-10% commission on their sales. The larger your team, the more commission you will earn from downline sales.

7: Can I earn money if I never add anyone to my team?

Absolutely! If you want to sign up and just sell, you can be successful with ZYIA just earning commission on your personal sales. You never have to recruit or build a team if you do not want to do so.

8: What fees are involved? 

You have a one time purchase with the rep starter kit of $295 USD ($395 CAD). After that, the only “required” fee is for your personal rep website. Every rep has their own website for their customers to shop through instead of having to purchase/carry/ship inventory. ZYIA corporate maintains the website fronts for all reps, so you don’t have to do any work on it yourself. 

The website fee is $15 USD ($19.50 CAD) a month UNLESS you sell at least $600 USD ($780 CAD) in a month. Then your website fee is waived! I can’t remember the last time I paid for my website, and I’ve been a rep for three years.

9: What are the perks of being a ZYIA Active rep?

Reps get a 25% discount on their personal purchases. They can decide when they want to work, work remotely from their phones, and have unlimited earning potential. Corporate constantly offers cash bonuses, paid vacation opportunities, and other perks for reps. We have weekly new releases and premium quality clothes that keep customers coming back for more. And the community is amazing! Everyone is so supportive and uplifting that it truly improves your life just interacting with the other reps.  

10: How many reps are there (total & in my area)? 

There have been over 70,000 ZYIA Active Reps since the company was founded. But many of these reps are no longer active, and we still have tens to hundreds of thousands less reps than many other direct sales companies. ZYIA has only been released in two countries and there is SO much room for growth in this ground floor company! 

The total number of reps and the number of reps in a given area is constantly changing. You can ask your rep if they can get you an approximate count of the reps in your area. But honestly, it doesn’t really matter. I grew up in a small town and currently live in the state where the company was founded, which has more ZYIA reps by far than any other area. It has not impeded my growth in the company whatsoever to have other reps living near me. Don’t let this be what stops you from starting an opportunity that can change your life!

If you are already working with another ZYIA rep, make sure to reach back out to them with any additional questions you have! If you have not been working with another rep, I would love to chat with you more about this opportunity. Feel free to connect with me!

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