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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers. All opinions are our own.

In Russell Brunson’s new book, Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers, you’ll learn foundational principles that will help you find your dream customers and be at the frontline in trends for website growth.

We are thrilled to share our top takeaways from the 30-Day Challenge for growing traffic! We know this book can help you in filling your own website with your dream customers.

How is Traffic Secrets Different?

And who is Russell Brunson? If you’ve spent some time in the marketing world, you’ve likely heard of ClickFunnels, a $100M software company. Russell Brunson is the CEO of ClickFunnels and also a Best-Selling Author with a following of over a million entrepreneurs.

Brunson also popularized the concept of sales funnels–you know, the sales strategy used by all the big-time bloggers!

We have taken a LOT of courses to improve our website traffic over the past few years, and unfortunately several of the techniques we’ve learned are already obsolete. It’s so frustrating!

The strategies in Traffic Secrets are different. The book is packed with strategies that are evergreen and actionable. Below we’ll share the top three concepts we’ve learned from Russell Brunson that we think will make the most difference on our website and can help our readers transform their website growth, too!

What is our Dream Customer’s Core Desire?

This Blue Dress is a lifestyle blog for women. We want to help women with all the things! So the section in Traffic Secrets about determining your dream customer’s core desire: wealth, health, or relationships stumped us at first.

However, the challenges for this section were gold.

We loved this quote:

“Anytime you try to get your potential customer to believe in two things, your conversions will usually cut in half (most times by 90 percent or more).”

(page 18, Traffic Secrets)

We realized our marketing has been all over the place! Yes, we like to help our readers save money! We love to help them find workouts or products that will improve their health.

But the core of This Blue Dress is relationships, specifically families. We believe in strong families and will be focusing on that better in the future as we market our content.

Figuring out your dream customer’s core desire is critical for traffic growth!

How Can I Attract My Dream Customers On Multiple Platforms?

Our second takeaway was all about growth on a wide scale. How can we grow our following on Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? YouTube? Our email list?

As we’ve built our following on our This Blue Dress Facebook page, we’ve invited our fans to follow along on Instagram. But only a small number, our “true fans”, follow us to the other platform. What have we been doing wrong?

Brunson’s “Aha” moment in Traffic Secrets hit us hard too.

“People who listen to podcasts…Well, they listen to podcasts!…People who are on Instagram love to consume content on Instagram…

We can spend a ton of time and money convincing people on these other platforms to move to [desired platform], or we can spend that same time and money focusing on people who are already [using the desired platform].”

(-pages 39-40, Traffic Secrets)

Mind. Blown.

From now on, we will be focusing on helping people who love Instagram content find and love our This Blue Dress Instagram account. And YouTube watchers find and love our channel! Etc. across all platforms.

How Can I Build Traffic that I Own?

Many blog gurus teach that you need to build an email list. But most don’t give a lot of info about why or how. Email marketing has been the hardest leap for us at This Blue Dress, so we’ve been needing a total overhaul in this area.

Traffic Secrets goes into great detail on how to set up different types of funnels, how to close your sales, and how to use different social media platforms to your advantage for various products.

We’re learning how to convert traffic that comes from our social media and search into traffic that we “own” by growing our email list.

The three ideas we’ve shared are just a taste of what we’ve learned from this book! We highly recommend getting a copy of Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers to help explode your website growth and share your message.

We’d love to know your favorite traffic growth tip from our takeaways!

This is a sponsored post written by This Blue Dress on behalf of Russell Brunson. All opinions are our own.

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