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20+ Local Outings for Young Families #outings #familyfun #kids

It’s incredible to see a child’s joy over little things, like sprinkles on ice cream or pine cones.

20 adventures to have with your kids (local outings)

Going on mini-adventures with my girls has helped me bond with them and learn to enjoy the little things more.

Going out with kids isn’t always easy, but it IS possible!

There are many places and activities that are local, cheap, interesting, and allow kids to be kids. Here are some of the things we love to do in our area!

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 Outing Ideas

Unusual Farms

You’ve probably been to a pumpkin patch or interacted with goats at a farm. But have you been to a bee farm or a Christmas tree farm?

My husband recently discovered a local bamboo farm, and our family took a free tour. There were acres of gorgeous bamboo forests and we learned so much! My three-year-old had a blast as she hid in bamboo and ran around with the farmer’s dog.

Discover Hidden Gems

Stopping at some of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants or shops in your town can be so rewarding! We’ve discovered the most delicious pupusas, paletas, donuts, and hibachi by doing this. You might find good food, a pawn shop with dirt-cheap movies, or a cute boutique.

We've found so many great hidden gems while going on outings in our area!
Enjoying paletas after a long hike!

City Gardens

Many cities have huge, beautiful gardens to walk in! As long as kids know not to pick the flowers, this could be a great activity for your family. We have lots of recommendations for several cities throughout the US–just ask in the comments!

Frostys and Fries

You guys. This is a match made in heaven and a family favorite. We’ll grab Wendy’s frostys and fries often, especially in the summers when a frosty is only 50 cents. A cheap, delicious treat that hits the spot every time.

Specialty or International Markets

My husband just took my oldest on a little daddy-daughter date. They went to a Mexican market and returned with pan de dulce, coconut cookies, and horchata. My daughter loved the experience peeking into another culture and hearing Daddy speak Spanish. We’ll try our city’s new Thai market soon!

Special Kid’s Days at Restaurants

Restaurants can be hit-or-miss experiences, but many places run fun promotions specific to children. We love going to Chik-fil-a’s Cow Appreciation Day, and we might try IHOP’s Create a Scary Face Pancake around Halloween.

Find a special restaurant day for an inexpensive and fun family outing!
Our little cow celebrating      Cow Appreciation Day!


I’ve mentioned one of my favorite things is hiking. Definitely consider exploring some of your nearby State Parks. Have young children? Grab a hiking backpack. Your back and arms will thank you, especially if you’re going on a longer trail.

Join a Local Kid Club

See if there are any free clubs around you. I joined a Facebook club about rocks! People paint and hide rocks in public areas in the city, and when you find a painted rock, you take a picture and post it on the club’s Facebook page. Then you can keep the rock or re-hide it! We love looking for “the special rocks”. You can make a whole afternoon out of this activity.

Fairs and Festivals

There are so many kinds: county fairs, fish frys, Renaissance and music festivals, you name it. Most of these events have fantastic food and an easygoing atmosphere– perfect for families with kids of all ages.

Festivals are great outings for families with kids!
It was a hot day at the Renaissance Festival in     May! We loved the Pirate Invasion theme.

Window Shop

(or…maybe buy just one thing…or two)

Some evenings we just need to get out of the house with our squirmy girls. We’ll pick an interesting store and just walk around! We love stores like Bargain Hunt or Ross that have new and random inventory all the time. Home Depot is a fun one too- you can snag a couple of free paint chips for your kids to look at while you plan your dream home.

Story Time and other Library Events

Your library probably has a weekly or monthly Story Time. Our library has a fantastic program featuring dancing, puppets, crafts, and great stories. They also host other awesome events, like Family Movie Day and Disney Night. Look at your library’s online calendar for their schedule of events.

“Rapunzel” enjoying some punch at Disney Night!

“Minnie” loving Story Time and spending time with Daddy!


Look online for a local race! Many are family-friendly. You can train together with older kids or push little ones in a stroller. I did a 5k with six of my family members on Thanksgiving Day, and it was so fun! Minus me being six weeks pregnant with morning sickness. That was not fun.

Family having fun at a local 5K race
Fun with the family at the Thanksgiving 5K

Here’s my local bucket list to do with my kids:

*Trampoline facility

*Fruit picking



Tip: Look at your city’s homepage online for activities and events in your town, especially around a holiday. You’ll find dates and locations for events like farmer’s markets, fireworks, splash pad/pools, parades, and nativity shows.

Stay At Home Fun

(For When You Just Don’t Feel Like Going Out)

Giant Bubbles

Two things may happen if you try this activity. 1) Your kids will be fascinated by these mega-size bubbles and will play for hours. Or/and 2) They will drink the bubble solution and get sick. It’ll probably be #2. But here’s an awesome bubble recipe from Lindsey & Drew, if you’re feeling optimistic.

DIY Slime

I’m not sure who likes this activity more: me, or my 3-year-old. You can make any color you want, and the kids will play forever. Here’s my favorite slime recipe from Twodaloo.

Elaborate hopscotch

We have made some EPIC “hopscotch” games on a nice day outside. I also love the game that Life as a Mama showed us. This unique way of playing will get some giggles going and some energy out.

Make a new food or drink together

I really want to try making scones and lavender lemonade with my family. Kids love to help in the kitchen! Try making this cute kit-kat cake. If you want to take the experience outside, try making a Wolf’em in a firepit!


Make some fun t-shirts or socks at home! There are so many patterns and colors to choose from, and it’s an activity you can’t mess up easily.

Tip: Buy more dye than you think you need. It goes FAST.

Hopefully you found a mini adventure to try with your family! You don’t have to go far or spend a lot of money to have a great time together!


We’d love to hear what you love to do with your family in the comments!

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