Our Story

At This Blue Dress, you’ll find stories and solutions for living a joyful life that are family-friendly, budget-friendly, and life-friendly. And we hope you have an absolute blast with us along the way!  

First, let’s meet the sisters! 


I’m a homeschooling mom married to my sweetheart Joey. We have five awesome children who make life lively and magical. In my “spare time,” I’m helping my husband make our fixer-upper Missouri home sparkle. I enjoy writing about all things “mom”–family fun, product reviews, date ideas, recipes, homemaking/DIY, and spiritual thoughts.


It was all glitter and giggles in my Nashville home, until our family welcomed a little boy to join our two spunky girls. In between finishing my degree and hanging out with my family, I love to hike, travel, quill, and eat ridiculous amounts of ice cream. I enjoy writing about family and seasonal activities, food, and party ideas.


I’m from Texas with sass the size of the state. I’m a stay at home mom, with 3 wonderful kids. I like to write about lots of things–food, organizing, food, hobbies, food, reviews and food. 😉


I’m a BYU grad that has laughably bad luck in life. I spend a lot of time working out so I can eat exhorbatent amounts of mac and cheese and ice cream. A Marketing Specialist at Security Weaver and a rep for ZYIA Activewear, I’m also working on a Masters degree! I like to write about food, books, fitness, and reviews.


I’m a nursing student at BYU, so I’m the one that tends to geek out over how amazing the human body is! Half of my heart is in Argentina, where I spent 18 months as a missionary. I have an unhealthy amount of luck and I’m dating the boy that I’ve had a crush on for forever! I love to write stories and share products that I actually use and love.


I’m the baby sister! I am in my third year of college, studying to be a personal financial planner. I’m a UVU Wolverine at heart but married to a MU Tiger. I love to write lists for the blog – top ten lists, 7 things you need before this, 13 things you need for that, checklists for weddings, and more!

As young girls back in Missouri, we talked for hours about the things we would do together when we got older–starting a wedding business or flower shop and having regular play dates with all of our kids.

As we got older, we realized that it would be hard to run that sort of business together as we began to spread across the country. But we still wanted to share our ideas and talents to bless others and have a blast collaborating together.

So This Blue Dress was born.

So what’s so special about a blue dress that we’d name a blog after it?

In our parent’s garage, there is a clothing rack with more than twenty beautiful, formal dresses that we sisters have worn for various events over the years. In the midst of the organza and tulle, there is a certain blue dress. Our oldest sister Maegan chose this gorgeous blue dress for a much-anticipated Junior prom. A few years later, Mariah decided to wear it to one of her formal dances. And so it went; the dress would be donned for a night of dancing and fun and then stored for a few years until the next sister in line was ready to wear it.

There are enough years between all of us that we didn’t share everything, but one of the things that spanned our age gap and connected us was this blue dress. We are super excited to have another thing that connects us all now: this blog!

We hope you’ll find something to uplift, inspire, and excite you as we share our closet of “life secrets” now with you at This Blue Dress!