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We think a great way to get to know someone is to learn about some of his or her favorite things!

So to launch This Blue Dress, each of the This Blue Dress sisters are sharing 10 of our favorite things starting off with the oldest Crouch sister Maegan!

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1. Brown paper packages!

Brown paper, tags, gift wrap, ribbons, baubles, cards (I love using these Project Life cards). Any little things that can brighten someone’s day! I found out recently that the Dollar Store has great brown paper for wrapping! I love to deliver things with homemade treats or flowers.

2. Tacos!

I ate eight tacos on my 8th birthday (and yes, I got sick). I haven’t matched that record since, but I still loooove tacos.

3. Teaching and doing projects with children

Especially my own crew! I homeschool and hope to teach children’s art classes someday in my own home studio.

4. Music.

Singing, playing piano, listening, violin (total newbie), teaching Primary music (children’s class), musical theater.

5. Reading!

My nickname was once Hermit because I’d spend hours in my room reading. But I also love the social aspect of enjoying a favorite book with others by reading aloud with my family!

6. The beach.

Warm beaches are my favorite, but I think they are all beautiful! My husband and I honeymooned in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and I can’t wait to go back someday!

7. Dancing with my husband, Joey.

He still makes me swoon! Family dance parties rock too.

8. Playing games with my family!
9. Lemonade.

Any, but Calypso brand is one of my top picks (fun fact: our parents’ cat is named Calypso after this lemonade!). Chocolate milk (have you tried Fair Life? Yum!) Skim milk. Smoothies. An occasional root beer.

10. Helping at the food bank

Visiting at a nursing home, or helping someone with their yard. I love service projects!

Do we share any favorite things? Let’s chat in the comments!


You can check out more posts about our favorite things or review posts. We’ll always share our honest experiences!


These Are Ten of My Favorite Things