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Hey, it’s Madison! Picking JUST 10 favorite things of mine is very hard. I could name about 1,000 things I love! Here is a sample though.

1.Five Guys’ burgers. I have no restraint when it comes to these things. They are delicious and kind of nutritious!

2. Hand-drawn pictures from little kids. I love receiving these, especially if one of my nieces or nephews drew it! They are so sweet and it’s like a guessing game trying to figure out what exactly it is that they drew.

3. Windy days. My favorite days are the ones where you put on a jacket and go fly kites. They are so fun!

4. Thank you notes. I keep all the notes that people write me. It is such a great feeling when someone takes the time to acknowledge your efforts. And writing them reminds me to be grateful!

5. Bath Bombs. After a long shift at the cupcake store, a long bath with one of these is all I crave.

6. Haribo Gummy Bears. I am the easiest person to shop for! You bring me a bag of these, and we are going to be good friends. If you have never had these, hop on over to your local Walmart and buy these. It’ll change your life.

7. Laughing. People know me for giggling too much but I just enjoy laughing! I’ll have wrinkles when I’m 30, and I couldn’t care less.

8. Music. Music has changed my life. It has inspired me in ways I cannot put into words. Music is a powerful tool that I hope to use one day to change lives.

9. Dory. I grew up on the movie Finding Nemo, and the character Dory is my favorite character of all time! I played her once in a school play, but her motto “Just keep swimming” is something I have applied into my real life.

10. Eternal Families. As a Latter-Day Saint, I believe families are eternal. My parents were sealed in an LDS temple, and because of this, I do not have to follow the “YOLO” mindset. Yes, I will only live once but life does not just stop. I cannot wait to be sealed to my own eternal companion in the future, and be with my family forever.


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