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Hey there, I’m Mariah! Here’s a little bit about me- do we have anything in common?

Mariah Loves…

1. Ice cream!

Chocolate in particular. For breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert–anytime, ALWAYS.

2. Disney and all things Disney.

This part of me will never grow up! Check out my tips for visiting Disney World with young kids.

3. Old, Classic Movies

 The plots are hilarious, the dialogue witty, the showmanship exquisite. And ahhhhh, the classy way they talk!

4. Green

 The vibrant color of life and SUMMER.

5. Traveling

The wanderlust is strong with this one. I just love to go explore! Seeing new places and how other people live (and eat!) is so exciting.

6. Lace & Swiss Dots

┬áIt’s so pretty and feminine! My favorite dresses of all time feature these patterns, and I got them both from my favorite dress site, Neesee’s dresses.

7. Guitar

I’m super average at it, but it’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s a beautiful, versatile instrument!

8. Funny People

 I’m always looking for a laugh.

9. Sports

 I love playing sports and generally being active.

10. Baby giggles


Do you like any of these things? If so, you’re extra awesome.

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