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It is the week of February 14th and love is in the air! The stores are filled with balloons and flowers, houses are decorated with red hearts, and couples flood the streets. I have a boyfriend, but this year (due to distance) we cannot celebrate in the conventional way. I join the singles this year and glare at all the happy couples out of the bitterness in my heart.

But yay, I have good news! We do not have to be Scrooges to this lovefest, we just need to revamp it. What is Valentine’s Day truly about? Is it about the flowers and the candy, or is it about love?

L-O-V-E! Valentine’s Day is about love. And who said you have to have a boyfriend to celebrate this fun holiday? It is 2018, ladies. And in 2018 we celebrate–GALentine’s Day. What started as as a pun-filled episode of Parks and Rec, has now become a real holiday! A day of love to celebrate with your gal pals. Your lady friends. Your BFFs. It is a day to celebrate the bonds of friendship that you have with lifelong friends, roommates, school buds, or coworkers!

How to Celebrate Galentines Day

Why is Galentine’s Day just as awesome (if not more awesome) than Valentine’s Day?
  1. There is not a day of recognition for your friendship.

    There are anniversaries to celebrate with your significant other, but when do you celebrate how awesome your friendships are? The answer is that you don’t. Take the time this year to celebrate the girl friends that you have. 

  2. No expectations

    If you WANT to gift your BFF you can, but there are no expectations to buy your gal the biggest teddy bear or the most expensive bouquet of roses. There’s no fight about the fancy restaurants or the movie. Just you and your girls hanging out.

  3. Women need Celebration

    We live in an era where women are becoming equal. Take this holiday to celebrate women: your favorite women! “Ladies let’s celebrate ladies!”

  4. Boycott All of the Commercialism

    Valentine’s Day is seriously just a marketing tool. People spend so much money on cards, flowers, candy, the whole shebang! Well, make your own card ladies, because Hallmark hasn’t made Galentine cards (yet). High five for saving money!

  5. You Can Be Yourself

    If you want to do dinner at a nice restaurant, your friends will be glad to join you with no mumbling and grumbling. If you want to stay home and watch a movie, then your girls already know your favorites. No fake love, just the purest form of it.

Ideas for Galentines Day

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Galentine’s Day:

  1. Go out to Breakfast or Lunch

    Word of advice, skip the dinner rush and truly enjoy your Galentine’s Day by dining early with your gal(s).

  2. Watch a Chick flick

    Your girls will not complain that you want to watch another Zac Efron movie. Some of our favorites are at the bottom of this post

  3. Dance Party

    Set up your living room with all the goodies of a dance party: snacks, loudspeakers, and a great playlist. You’ll feel envigorated singing and dancing with your friends.

  4. Make Galentine Cards

    You can make a night of crafts where you make each other cards or do it separately to make it a surprise!

  5. Have a Spa Night

    There is nothing I love more than having a spa night with my sisters (my best gal pals). It is so relaxing and you truly bond over painting each other’s toenails and examining our pore strips.

Happy Galentine’s Day! Hope you find a great way to celebrate!


Are you celebrating Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear how you celebrate your best friendships in your life!

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