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Hi, I’m MaLee!

10 Favorite Things

1- Music:

I love singing along to my car radio at the top of my lungs and jamming to Pandora at my desk at work.


I think food is one of life’s best simple pleasures. I love trying out new recipes and equally enjoy eating them. I love eating out and wish I could eat Black Sheep Cafe and Cold Stone every night. (Check out our Instagram account to see lots of my great food finds!)

3: Books!

Curling up with cocoa and a new book is one of my favorite things ever.

4: Flowers:

Few things in life make me happier than coming home to flowers. When I have had a bad day, grabbing some flowers from the store and spending some time arranging them not only helps me relax but also gives me something to be happy about for a week or two afterward.

5: Ghirardelli mint chocolate squares:

I’m not a huge candy person in general but I LOVE these!

6: Visiting home:

Utah is awesome and  I have loved living here, but I am always so excited to go home and visit my family in Missouri. I miss them, my old house, the lightning bugs, the trees, the wildflowers, and just how green everything is all the time.

7: Weekends:

Ever since I grew up and learned that adults don’t get summer breaks, I have lived for weekends. Even though a lot of them are spent cleaning up from the rest of the week, I love having time to do whatever I want.

8: Family dinner/game night:

My Utah family and I try to get together at least once a week for dinner and/or games. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week!

9: While You Were Sleeping:

This movie is a cure all. I like to watch it when I’m happy, when I’m really sad, or even just have it playing in the background while I work.

10: Birthdays:

I think it’s awesome that we celebrate birthdays, and I think it’s really important to make sure people know they are loved on their special day. Everyone gets one day a year that is entirely their day-make it count!


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