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I thought my daughter would be all princessed-out due to her Disney Princess party last year, but for her fifth birthday, she requested the theme to be The Little Mermaid.

Ariel is her absolute favorite Disney Princess, and I can’t wait to see her face when we tell her she gets to meet Ariel in February!

Check out the decorations, food, and activities we did for this party! Don’t forget to grab your free printables in the Activities section.


We transformed our front room into an “Ocean Room”.

Of course, you have to have bubbles. I grabbed these from Hobby Lobby.

While visiting family at Christmas time, I watched as a rotating Christmas light ball cast beautiful, ocean-like lights in the room. I borrowed the light and put blue cellophane around it to cast a blue hue in my dark entry way room. I thought it really set the mood for our first two activities!

I wrapped my light in purple tulle and hung swirly decorations around the bottom. Boom- an easy jellyfish.

jellyfish for Little Mermaid party

I’ll explain the large box in the activities section :). But inside is Ariel’s Treasure Trove.

In my kitchen, I made a party wall with Ariel colors.

Can’t forget the birthday number!

Balloon decoration for Little Mermaid party

I found these cute ocean cut-outs from Hobby Lobby, too. Helped to make the kitchen more festive.

A painted seashell for the cupcake tower

My daughter is really into art, and was eager to help me make some of the decorations. Her two year-old sister also assisted with coloring 🙂


We had a simple spread for our 10:00 am party. I just had to make punny labels for everything, too.

Little Mermaid birthday party spread

Goldfish a.k.a Les Poissons


Blueberries with a Swedish fish head and tail on each end. These were a hit!

We also served Pizza rolls (Max’s Morsels), chips (Fish n’ Chips), Hawaiian Punch (Sea Water), and cupcakes.

Some cupcakes had pearls

Others had Ariel picks that I made with my Cricut!

I cut out a seashell decal to embellish the snack sacks for the kids.


Design a Fish

Like I mentioned, Claire loves art, so our first activity was designing sea creatures. I printed a sea horse, octopus, star fish, and angel fish template and set up a coloring station.

Once the kids colored their fish, we cut them out and put them in the Ocean Room. I LOVED how these turned out!

Ariel’s Treasure Trove Hunt (I Spy)

My in-laws acquired a huge, sturdy box that I used for our next activity. I arranged several items in the box to resemble a miniature treasure trove. The kids took turns using a flashlight to look in the trove and find the items listed on our treasure hunt sheet.

Of course, I had to add touches like pictures of the Eric statue, and the fire painting featured in Part of Your World.

Here is the card I made for this game! Click below to download our free printable! (2 cards/ page)

Ariel “I Spy” card preview

*Copyright © 2019 This Blue DressAll printables are for personal use only.

What Would Scuttle Call It?

My husband had the cute idea for another game: make up new silly words for ordinary objects, like Scuttle does in The Little Mermaid.

Each guest received a card that had a picture of three objects (you can easily do more). The child (adults could help write if needed) wrote the new word they would give the object in the space provided. We shared our fun new words!

An alternate idea is to display a single object and have guests submit their silly answers for a chance to win a prize. Best answer is the winner!

Want another freebie? Download and print your game cards for your party! (4 cards /page)

*Copyright © 2019 This Blue DressAll printables are for personal use only.

Scuttle game card preview

Little Mermaid Sing-Along Songs

After singing to the birthday girl, the kids took their snacks and cupcakes in the living room to enjoy while watching several of the Little Mermaid sing-along videos on YouTube.

They sat in this “ocean” on the floor.

We went waaaay simple on party favors and gave each child a little container of bubbles with an Ariel sticker on the lid.

We ended the party with opening presents. Some of the kids had a balloon fight while parents socialized.

Overall, the party was a success! I think this cute kid had a good time.

(Btw, her Ariel crown and dress can be found on Amazon! These are affiliate links- we may get a small commission for your purchase at no extra cost to you.)

Which of these ideas will you use for your party?


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