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I’m in my 2nd trimester with my third child, and although my nausea will likely stick with me for the rest of the pregnancy, I know it is important to still take care of my body. So I’ve had my eye out for short workouts suitable for pregnant women.

Because the internet creepily seems to know everything about everyone, I was recently shown an ad for a free, 14-day pregnancy workout guide created by Michelle Marie Fit. I decided I’d try the challenge!

Challenge Overview:

The plan consisted of 10 workouts (plus 2 rest days/week) to do over the course of two weeks. Each workout had 3-5 movements in the circut, and the goal was to do the circut 3-4 times. Cardio workouts had more movements, but all workouts took around 20 minutes to complete.

My Thoughts on the Challenge:

I really liked this plan. For my situation (pregnant, nauseous, and busy), I couldn’t ask for anything more.

First of all, the plan was FREE, which just can’t be beat. The duration of the workouts (~20 minutes) were enough to make me work, but not enough to take everything out of me. I loved how I could do the moves almost anywhere, which made it easy to do while watching my kids. Also, I was able to complete the movements without feeling dizzy or extra sick.

The plan was super easy to follow, and Michelle even has videos and pictures in the document to help you know if you are doing a move correctly. I loved the flexibility on the cardio days- I could either do the suggested workout, or take a brisk 20-minute walk instead. I preferred the latter because my knees are bad, and moves like lunges kill. There were a couple of other movements I had to modify slightly because of my knees, but most of the circut was doable.

Overall, everything was so great that I had very few excuses to not complete the workout for the day.

Another plus is that these are workouts that you can start at any point in your pregnancy. You may need to do only one round of movements for a while if it’s been a long time since you exercised, and gradually increase reps as the week goes on.

I’d recommend this workout plan for those looking for a beginner- moderate level exercise regimen. For women that spent a lot of time in the gym before pregnancy, these circuts would make great warm-ups.

My Results:

Obviously, weight loss wasn’t my reason for doing this challenge. My goal was to feel stronger and to incorporate physical activity back into my week. And I say: Mission Accomplished.

I can’t say I have a bunch of energy after the two weeks (do you ever get that in pregnancy?), but I feel less sluggish and mushy. I also have a sense of accomplishment that I did something healthy for my body and my baby.

I enjoyed this plan so much that I will continue to do this plan throughout my pregnancy. Hopefully, this will help me feel healthier and slow down my weight gain.

Want to try this free program out? Click here.

Additional Info:

There is a diet that goes along with the workout, which I did not do. I’m having trouble keeping much of anything down right now. Just know that that is also available and looks well put-together. Right now you can download the diet plan for $27.

Michelle Marie has several additional workouts on her website, including Better Body After Baby, a 12-week diet and exercise postpartum plan. (I’m considering using this plan after I’m cleared to exercise after my C-section!)

What are your favorite exercise plans to use when you’re pregnant?


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