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So they tell you not to eat the yellow snow….(that’s some good advice right there!) But what about the other snow? I remember always playing in the snow with my siblings, building snowmen and forts, and making snow angels. However, there’s a lot less excitement for me now, especially because I was just hired on as my campus’s 2am snow-shoveler.

But thankfully, for those of us that would rather stay inside singing, Baby It’s Cold OUTSIDE, there is a way for you to use the snow for more than just playing! Because if there is anything the Crouch family loves doing more than playing in the snow, it’s eating ICE CREAM. (And making things with it! Check out these adorable ice cream witches and wizards Mariah made!)

Ready to make snow ice cream?

Snow Ice Cream Recipes

Classic Vanilla Snow Ice Cream

4-6 cups clean snow ( I like to catch the snow in a bowl overnight, so it’s safe from animals and dirt!)

1 cup of milk (preferably whole milk)

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Combine everything in a large mixing bowl! Start with 4 cups of snow, and add to the consistency that you prefer. I love this flavor because you can add anything that you want! Including: chopped strawberries, nuts, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, etc.

*Pro-tip! If you chill the mixing bowl (in the freezer or by placing it outside in the snow), the mixture doesn’t melt as quickly. To save for later, cover with plastic wrap and place it OUTSIDE. The freezer does not preserve the same consistency.

Now that you have the base recipe, you can start experimenting with other flavors! This next one is to die for!

Chocolate Snow Ice Cream

Base Recipe (see Classic Vanilla)

Add: 5 tsp. baking cocoa powder 

That’s it?!

That’s it. I prefer adding chocolate chips, or mini pieces of my favorite candies (Reese’s, M&M’s, etc.) to jazz it up, but it definitely stands on its own. You can’t beat chocolate.

Or can you? Let us know what else you add to your snow ice cream to create a whole new flavor!

The best thing about these bases is that you can mix in just about anything and it will taste amazing. Enjoy!


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