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It’s not just cliche–Christmas really is the season of giving. Like many other families we look for ways to serve even more during this time of year because, as the kindly gentlemen collecting donations in A Christmas Carol stated: 

We choose this time, because it is a time, of all others, when Want is keenly felt, and Abundance rejoices.” -Charles Dickens

These charities are in random order because we think they are all wonderful options! They are divided by general “cause” in case one is particularly on your heart at this time.

1. “Helping the Sick” Charities

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House are both dear to my heart. You can also contact a local hospital to see what donations they are in need of this year. Another option is a charity that focuses on research or resources for a particular illness that has impacted you or a loved one.

2. “General Humanitarian” Charities

Our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) has an incredible humanitarian program that reaches out to people throughout the world. You can learn more about LDS Charities here. The Salvation Army is also a popular organization to donate to especially during this season. We like to participate in the Salvation Army’s bell ringer program.

3. “Feeding the Hungry” Charities

One of our family’s favorite organizations to help is a local food bank. You can volunteer your time for packaging food or donate goods or a monetary donation. Find your local food bank at Meals on Wheels is another great option for blessing the hungry in your community.

Donate to a charity that helps animals

4. “Animal” Charities

The Humane Society is a favorite charity among animal lovers, or contact your local shelter or veterinary program to find out the needs in your area. I enjoy this post about a family who has done Operation Christmas Child for several years.

5. “Literacy” Charities

We’ve been the blessed recipients of the United Through Reading program for military families. It’s been a special treasure for my children to get books with videos of their Grandpa reading to them! My family also has an ongoing book drive where we donate books from my Usborne business to families in need, local hospitals, and other causes. You can set up your own book drive or contribute to ours by contacting [email protected].

6. “Gifts for Children” Charities

So many great options! Lots of our friend’s love the Marine’s Toys for Tots program and the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. I like this post about a family who has been doing the Operation Christmas Child for several years.

charities that help provide shelter

7. “Providing Shelter” Charities

In elementary, there was a girl whose family had lost their home and had one rebuilt by Habitat for Humanity. She flourished in school that next year after struggling in so many ways before. Did you know you can buy supplies from their ReStores and support their building projects? Some of our favorite furniture has come from these stores.

8. “Protecting Humanity” Charities

So many worthy causes supporting basic human rights deserve a mention. Two that have been on my mind this year–Operation Underground Railroad is an anti-child trafficking organization. Big Ocean Women is an interfaith and international women’s advocacy association.

9. Go Fund Me/Kickstarter Projects/Youcaring

There are thousands of options of causes to donate to through these platforms. Choose a cause that speaks to you!

10. Personal Interest Projects

Donate to your Alma Mater, sponsor a lesson in your professional field or hobby, or share your talents with a family in need. Quilt–donate to a shelter or children’s hospital. Athlete–sign up to be a camp volunteer. Find a way to share something you love with others.

Ideas for charities at Christmas time

But what if you don’t have even change to spare? There are lots of ways to give besides money–volunteer your time or talents, give from something you do have in Abundance, or give the gift of Kindness. Also consider reaching out to a friend, local church, or other community organization if you need help this Christmas season. It can be a gift to allow others to serve you when you need it!

We hope you find joy in giving this season!


What are your favorite charities to donate to at Christmas time or any time of the year? We’d love to hear about them below or on our Facebook page!

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