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Elf Yourself_ A Christmas Tradition

Elf Yourself brings a good laugh into our home in December.

Elf Yourself is a website owned by Office Depot. You upload pictures of yourself (and your family, friends, co-workers, dog) and the faces ends up as one of the dancers’ faces in a short, comedic musical video. You can have up to five faces at a time per video.

There are 21 unique videos you can “star in” with your friends. My personal favorites are: Breakin’, Mashup, Hip Hop, and Deck the Halls. But they are all pretty hilarious. The goofier the pictures that you upload, the funnier the videos are. Just have fun with it.

You can share your videos for free, but the videos have an expiration date on them and will be unavailable after the specified date. But if you create a video that is just too good to lose, you can pay $1.99 to download it and you’ll have it forever.

This website is perfect for spreading a little cheer. Send a video to someone to brighten their day!

My daughters laughed so hard when I showed them the videos featuring our family. I got a kick out of seeing my 16 month-old “break dance” and my three year-old doing hip hop moves with a serious face.

Create a video of your own here!


Let us know if you Elf Yourself!

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