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Looking for a new doable Christmas tradition? You’ve found the right place!

Our family loves holiday traditions. And the best ones of all? Christmas TRADITIOOOOONS! Sorry, we couldn’t resist a reference to one of our favorite classic movies.

One of the perks of a big family is having lots of people to build memories and traditions with over the years. And then more people join the family with marriage and babies, and there are even more options for traditions!

We’re sharing 25 traditions we Crouch sisters have enjoyed or will be enjoying with our families this year. With 17 children between us so far, these are the traditions we continue to pass down to the next generation!

We love these fun and special ways to celebrate family, peace, and most of all the birth and life of our Savior Jesus Christ.

May God bless your Christmas season!

25 of the Best Christmas Traditions

Click the links below to learn more about each tradition and to download free resources!

#1 Cookie Ditching

Have you ever Ding-Dong-Ditched, Heart-attacked, or some variation of secretly leaving a friend or neighbor a treat? Mariah shares her family’s unique take on this fun tradition (and you can download her adorable printables to make it easy!)

#2 Nightly Christmas Stories

We have three different Christmas Book traditions that work for various stages of life and book collections. Plus a list of some of our favorite Christmas book picks!

#3 Christmas Devotional

Every year in early December, our Church broadcasts a beautiful Christmas devotional with messages of the Savior and music from the famed Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. We’ve added some special activities to make this night a highlight of the Christmas season. 

#4 Bethlehem Marketplace

Mariah shares her experience at a beautiful live Nativity, with ideas for other exciting live events to attend throughout Christmastime.

Our kindness elves tradition is a great alternative to Elf on the Shelf.

#5 Kindness Elves & “Buckles”

This tradition is our version of Elf on the Shelf (much more parent-friendly!) This post also has a list of easy hiding places and service ideas for kids and families!

#6  Try or Make New Cocoa Recipes

Check out our top cocoa recipe picks and Mariah’s annual cocoa flavor review!

# 7 Read “A Christmas Carol”

This is Maegan’s 17th year of reading Dickens’ famous story, and it’s one of her absolute favorite Christmas traditions! ┬á

#8 New Baking Recipes

Every year we love to try new Holiday-themed recipes. Check out our successes, fails, recommendations, and encouragement in this tradition post.

Gingerbread houses are such a fun Christmas tradition!

#9 Gingerbread Houses

We didn’t grow up making gingerbread houses each year, but several of us have made this a tradition with our own little families! Check out a fun gallery of past creations and inspiration for your own gingerbread tradition.

#10 Christmas Charities

Christmas giving can be the sweetest giving! We’ve shared some of our favorite causes and ideas to serve (even if you don’t have money to donate today). 

#11 Elf Yourself

This tradition has brought hours of entertainment, and now it can be for you too!

#12 Snow Ice Cream

Fingers crossed for a snowy December day so you can try out this delicious treat! 

We do our family gifts name drawing style in this Christmas Eve Tradition

#13 Family Name Drawing

This fun and touching tradition from our childhood continues in every Crouch family Christmas celebration to this day! The perfect solution to have a meaningful gift-giving tradition without having to buy #allthethings. 

#14 Lights Drive

We love driving to look at Christmas lights! You won’t want to miss our free Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Printable and our favorite places to look at Christmas lights.

#15 Christmas Movies

Are you a Hallmark Christmas movie fan? Love the Christmas Classics? Check out some Christmas movies that we love to binge-watch during the holidays (and sometimes throughout the year. Don’t judge us. ­čÖé )

#16 Name the Tree

This easy and fun tradition will add some sparkle to your Christmas tree tradition–and you’ll want to check out our awesome name ideas! 

The White Envelopes Christmas tradition is a beautiful way to serve others

#17 White Envelopes

MaLee made Christmas extra special with this beautiful service tradition–acts of service to honor loved ones.

#18 Letters to the Lonely

This is another sweet service tradition that anyone can do to brighten someone else’s Christmas.

#19 Donate 5 Things

Mariah shares how she does this giving tradition, and how to overcome challenges in giving when you have young children.

#20 Luke 2

We grew up watching this lovely Nativity movie as part of our family Christmas Eve party. You can also see what we’re watching this year instead!┬á

#21 Nativity Skit

Any group can do this fun and meaningful tradition! It’s amazing how you can feel the Spirit even with towels tied on your head and interesting “livestock”. This post includes a script we’ve used for our Nativity Skits.

#22 Caroling

Can it be Christmas without music? We share our 10 favorite Christmas carols for spreading joy.

#23 Christmas Sleepover (post coming soon!)

This tradition has been tweaked by our families over the years, but the focus remains the same–a party in our pj’s with our favorite people–our family! 

#24 Christmas Service

This tradition of serving on Christmas Day has become one of the sweetest Christmas memories for Maegan’s family and is easy to adapt to your family’s traditional holiday schedule.

#25 Gift to Christ (post coming soon!)

Every Christmas Eve we would give a gift to Christ and then review that gift at Easter. It’s a beautiful tradition connecting these two holidays that celebrate the Birth and Resurrection of the King of Kings.

Giving a Gift to Christ is the perfect Christmas Gift Tradition

It’s important to note that we don’t all do each of these traditions every year! Most of them are simple so you can do several in one year, but the goal isn’t to be so Holly Jolly that you’re running around ragged and can’t wait for Christmas to be over! 

But we do hope you have found some inspiration to create joyful memories!

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? We would love it if you’d comment and share below!

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