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Dickens and Piney. Stumpy and Treebeard. What do all of them have in common? These are just some of the names of our families’ Christmas trees! I don’t remember naming our tree every year growing up, but somehow this tradition has trickled into many of our homes. It’s fun and simple and perfect for any stage of life–tiny, fake dorm tree, towering tree from the Christmas Tree farm–they could all use a good name! (You can find more meaningful and fun Christmas tradition ideas here.)
I loved adding our tree name to our “Yearly Review” ornament when I was on top of traditions like that. It’s fun to keep some sort of record of your tree names–like how our family’s tree was named “Noel” three years in a row because our children loved a particular Christmas TV special. Our tree this year is named the Christmas Tree That Fell (spin off of one of our favorite Christmas Books “The Christmas Tree That Grew”). Bet you can guess the back story on that one.
Don’t worry if you can’t think of a name in the midst of all the other Christmas-y excitement. Makayla has you covered with our official This Blue Dress Naming the Christmas Tree flowchart!
And if you get stuck you can always name your tree Noel the IV.
Merry Tree Naming!
Naming the Tree Flowchart


Bonus points if you can guess which Crouch sisters go with some of these tree names 🙂

Did you name your Christmas tree this year? We’d love for you to share your name in the comments below (it might even get featured in a flow chart someday!) And we’d love to see pics of your lovely trees on our Facebook page.

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