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Now that finals are over, Christmas is upon us! The snow is falling and families are starting to come together. One of my family’s favorite things to do together is sing. We all love music so much, and what better music to sing than the songs of Christmas. They all talk about our Savior, his brave earthly parents, and above all: LOVE. Christmas is about love.

And the best way to spread that cheer is singing loud for all to hear (great movie by the way).

Caroling is such a fun tradition for anyone who loves to spread cheer. Not every note is in tune and everyone is freezing in the doorways of friends and neighbors. Yet the music is prettier and the air is not as cold when you sing songs of Christ with your loved ones.

Invite your neighbors, your friends, your family, and visit your other loved ones! Or better yet, visit the lonely. Our family loves to drive to the nearest nursing home and sing to the elderly who do not have visitors this holiday season. Music is so powerful and it will lift the hearts of those you carol to.

These are our family’s top 10 carols! Click the song title for the lyrics.


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