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In my opinion, it is never too hot to whip up a steaming mug of chocolate to sip. However, I will agree; it tastes the best after spending time in the cold.

I remember that Mom would have cocoa ready for the family after we returned from playing in the snow as kids. Dad would surprise me with cocoa sometimes after chilly, early morning Seminary. My husband and I used to get hot chocolate at a nearby 7-11 when we were dating in the winter of 2011.

So to me, cocoa tastes like love.

In 2016, my family had so much fun trying out Elsa hot chocolate (using this recipe from Baking Beauty!), that we decided to make trying new cocoa flavors a Christmas tradition. I’ll update our list of flavors we try each year and our rating of them! Do any of these look interesting to you?

Annual Hot Cocoa Flavor Review




  • Private Selection Double Chocolate: 5/5


  • Private Selection Cherry Cordial: 3/5 (Smelled great, tasted ok.)


  • Stephen’s English Toffee: 5/5
  • Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate: 3/5

Keep reading to see Tara’s favorite cocoa recipe and our hot chocolate recommendations!


What’s your favorite cocoa flavor?


In 2016, I had fun making hot chocolate from scratch! I used the Polar Express Hot Chocolate recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

There was something magical about it being Polar Express hot chocolate. It was creamy and rich and delicious! We also set up a hot chocolate bar and had different toppings and mix-ins: marshmallows, cool whip, crushed candy canes, caramel, etc.

This year, I want to try making my own mint hot chocolate. Mint is one of my favorite flavors, besides Caramel. Or Pumpkin.

Our Cocoa Recommendations:

Our parents have a Cocoa Drawer packed full of Land O’ Lakes cocoa mixes! This cocoa is AMAZING. Mom buys the packets in bulk on Amazon.

Mariah’s Choice: includes Hazelnut, Raspberry, French Vanilla, Chocolate Supreme mixes

Tara’s Choice: includes Caramel, Mint, Cinnamon flavors

Sisters’ Pick – includes Chocolate Supreme, Salted Caramel, S’mores, Arctic White, Mint, French Vanilla

Are you a hot chocolate fanatic like us? If so, don’t miss MaLee’s awesome list of 31 hot chocolate flavors and mix-ins! The ideas are perfect for cocoa bars, date nights, or just for self-indulgence.

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