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Here I am again, waiting until the very last minute to shop! Thank goodness for Amazon, or all of my loved ones would think that I don’t love them! As with every major holiday, it’s time to think of a new gift that will show them how much you care, without breaking the bank. If you have also run out of ideas, you are not the only one.

Every year on Mother’s Day growing up, we would make breakfast-in-bed and clean the house. Since it’s always on Sunday, we also went to church together. However, it always seemed like we forgot that it was Mother’s Day by noon.

I owe my mom the world because there is no one on earth that does more for me! Unfortunately, flowers and chocolates just don’t make the cut, so I’ve been had to stretch more to look for a better gift.

I’ve compiled my own list of unique Mother’s Day gifts for the high-spenders, the low-spenders, and the in-between.

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My Favorite Gifts for Mother’s Day

1: Personalized Jewelry

These darling necklaces are personalized with both names and fingerprints. A perfect gift for any mom!

My sister has a necklace that has circle disks with the first letter of each of her kids’ names. My mom has always talked about wanting a ring with all of her children’s birthstones.

However, a popular trend I’ve seen is using fingerprints to make personalized jewelry. These fingerprint necklaces are so dreamy! Or these fingerprint and birthstone necklaces that combine both ideas into one!

2: Salt Lamps

How have I not heard of these before?? Look at how beautiful they are!

These hand carved salt lamps are a very popular gift because they are known as healing lamps. They cast a pink glow about the room which “traps positive ions and releases negative ions cleaning and deodorizing the ambient”. Sound cool?

They also “reduce dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, among other elements from the air. Some use to alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms”. All I know, is I better be getting one of these for Mother’s Day! (hint hint)

3: Foot Care

I kinda hate feet. But nothing feels better than baby-soft skin!

This is what I’m getting my mom this year! (shhh, don’t tell!) My foot calluses were so bad that I didn’t want to wear sandals for a really long time. These foot masks seriously changed my life. My roommate recommended them to me!

They are so easy to use, you just soak your feet for an hour, and within the next week, your dead skin comes right off. I know it sounds gross, but it made me feel so confident to have baby-soft feet!

4: Customized Cutting Board

Is it even possible to cook without a cutting board? I don’t think I’ve ever tried!

I think every kitchen has that special spot reserved specifically for Mom’s cutting board. It’s a very crucial part of any kitchen! My sister recommended a cute, personalized cutting board, which you can find on I also thought this “Recipe for a Special Mom” cutting board was darling! 

5: Diamond Candles

I love the happy low-light of a candle. Not to mention their amazing scents! What is your favorite scent?

This amazing gift combines two classic Mother’s Day gift ideas into one. At the bottom of every amazingly scented candle, you find a ring valued between $15-$5,000.

You never know what the value will be inside a diamond candle! They also come in a variety of scents, so you’ll be sure to find the one she likes.

6: Homemade Art

Making art is one of my favorite hobbies! What do you like to do when you have some spare time to be creative?

If you already have children of your own, they can do all of the work for grandma’s Mother’s Day gift! For my sister, I found a wooden sign, and wrote MOM on it, and let each of her kids paint one of the letters. It turned out so cute! Let them go to town with the art supplies you already own. Check out our Pinterest boards for crafting inspiration!

7: Meals

What are some of your favorite recipes? Check out more on!

Sometimes the best gift you can give your mom is your time (because she probably doesn’t have a lot)! My mom’s favorite part of Mother’s Day was when we cooked every meal, starting with breakfast in bed.

Maybe you can fix a fancy dinner for her and Dad, or pack a picnic lunch and take her to a nice park. If you’re not feeling like cooking yourself, or you live far away, send her a subscription to HelloFresh, and let her know that she is off-duty for the whole week!

8: A Deep House Cleaning

There’s something about a clean home that just makes you ready to take on the day! Is there a chore you actually like to do?

Have you ever thought of hiring a maid? I know your mom has! You can actually hire maids for a one-time deep cleaning service. Some charge by the hour, and some charge by square foot, but either way it’s a gift your mom is sure to appreciate! If you’re on a budget, you can hire out yourself and a sibling instead.

9: Updated Pictures of Children and Grandchildren

Although it’s important to live in the moment, it’s also equally important to capture the moment!

Both my grandma and my mom have a huge wall dedicated to photos of their children and grandchildren. With over 30 grandchildren (and lots of great-grandchildren), my grandma’s is super impressive! ‘

However, we always lament how outdated it is. What better gift than to collect the photos from your family (and maybe even your cousins too!). If possible, you could also organize a reunion and take an updated photo together with family.

10: Photo Books/Slideshow

Be honest. How many hours do you spend pouring over old photos?? (Me too!)

On that same train of thought, I have always wanted to do a yearly photo book! These are so fun to make because you don’t even have to add words, just drop in her phone’s gallery and print it.

With a Shutterfly account, the prints are actually really cheap, and the books are so easy to make! They also have a lot of discounts going on for Mother’s Day! For the tech-savvy, you could consider making a slideshow of your mom with her kids and grandkids!

11: Perfumes and Body Sprays

Even if I don’t look good–if I smell good, I feel good! And that’s good.

My sisters and I are obsessed with Bath and Body Works’ scents, especially when there’s a sale going on! This makes an awesome gift for Mother’s Day because they last forever.

But what I bet you didn’t know is that they sell their scents on, and you can often find them at a cheaper price than in the store. (And seriously, can you beat free Prime shipping?)

12: Gift cards

A gift-card is like saying, “Here, I think you know yourself better than I know you. But let me pay for it.”

Even though they get a bad rap for not being thoughtful, who has EVER been disappointed by getting a gift card? Honestly, they are my favorite, because I can actually choose a gift that I want or save money on something I was going to buy anyway!

If you want to make it a little more creative, gift them something that they can DO instead of something they can buy. For example, a gift card to get their nails done, hair cut, or an entrance fee into a local business.

13: Bath Bombs

SIGN. ME. UP. Look at how adorable these are!

Another sister recommended these unique bath bombs because she got them as a gift from her boyfriend. Do you know of any mother that doesn’t deserve to get in the bath and stay there to soak?

Do yourself a favor. When you’re buying these for your mother, buy a set for yourself! Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

14: Towel Ties

These classy leather bands keep your towels from falling or sliding, and they add a beautiful touch to your kitchen or bathrooms! The bands come in a variety of styles too, so you can choose the one that fits your mom’s aesthetic the best. Our full review is right here!

Hope these ideas have helped you find the perfect gift for that perfect Mom! Or given you ideas for what to ask for 😉


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What gifts would you like to receive for Mother’s Day?

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