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I recently had the privilege of throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Cami.

Choosing a theme was the easy part- my nephew’s name will be Jett, so an airplane theme was the obvious choice.

Boy, did everything turn out cute! I can’t wait to show you what I did with the help of my mother-in-law!

Airplane-Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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baby shower balloon arch

Cami wanted everything blue, so blue it was!

My friend suggested that we make a balloon arch for the kitchen. I don’t know where these balloon kits have been all my life, but I’m so glad my friend introduced them to me! Instead of sewing or wiring balloons together, you simply tuck the ends of the balloons into a plastic strip. It’s SO much easier to make and manage a balloon arch to do it this way. Honestly, it’s pretty affordable, too! I bought this kit from Amazon. Four people made this arch in about an hour (mostly without a air tank!), and it was a showstopper!

airplane baby shower ideas- gift table

One table was designated for the gifts. This pair of monkeys were Cami’s as a child. My mother-in-law is a crochet wizard, and she whipped out these little pilot hats to put on the monkeys. These guys held homemade “Precious Cargo” signs and sat on cloud made of quilt batting and Christmas lights.

My daughters colored airplanes and we hung them from balloon clouds.

colored airplanes decoration

We did this again over the main sitting area.

airplane baby shower decorating ideas

I used this tutorial to make 3D clouds with my Cricut. We hung these on the kitchen lights, with a JETT cloud banner center stage.

airplane baby shower full table spread
airplane baby shower serving table

I bought fairy lights and a little toy airplane for the “runway” table centerpiece. I used black vinyl for the runway and lined the edges with fairy lights. The plane went in the center, along with a stream of candy, a nod to the famous candy bomber plane.

airplane runway centerpiece
airplane runway centerpiece

Last but not least, I made clothespin airplanes to display by our favors.

clothespin airplane craft


Our menu consisted of blueberry mini muffins, sandwich pinwheels and roll-ups, blue jello cups with blueberries and whipped cream, marbled “propeller” oreo pops, pumpkin cookies, chips, a vegetable tray, and blue Hawaiian Punch (“Jett Fuel”).

airplane baby shower table spread
airplane baby shower food ideas- propeller pops
airplane baby shower drink idea


We had a few activities for the ladies to do as they came in, such as the classic Predict the Due Date, self-address your thank-you card envelope (I grabbed these adorable paper airplane thank-you cards from Amazon), and an advice book. I made the advice book cover to look like a Passport, and I used this boarding pass template from to make cute instructions for the advice book. Through all the craziness, I failed to grab a picture.

We played one game before eating and gift opening. We each made a paper airplane, wrote silly names on it, and took turns trying to land our plane on “paradise”, which was a piece of beach-themed paper in the middle of a table. If we reached paradise, we got a piece of chocolate. Simple and fun!

Before guests left, they could take a favor from the “Baggage Claim”, a little bag of peanuts. Because, airplanes. The tags say “Thank you for flying with us.”

airplane favors

These adorable animals were made by a friend!

baggage claim airplane party

Everyone had a great time, and Cami was pleased with how everything turned out. So, mission accomplished!

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