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We’re starting our 4th year of the Song of the Week program! You can learn more about different ways to use this program here, including past song schedules. Basically, you focus on one song each week as a family, and you sing/play/discuss it in as many simple ways as possible.

What Songs Are Used in the Song of the Week?

This year I’ve chosen to base several of our song selections on the new Come, Follow Me curriculum for the Primary children from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (This Song of the Week program is not affiliated in any way or representative of The Church of Jesus Christ and is for personal and family use.)

Whenever possible I assigned the songs a week before the children would practice them in Primary, so they will be prepared to discuss the words and be at least familiar with the melody.

I also included songs about mothers, fathers, and a few extra hymns.

How to Use This Schedule With Come, Follow Me

I’ve seen soooo many social media posts of parents expressing their overwhelm in how to use the Come, Follow Me curriculum in their home. It can be tough to comb through the hundreds of beautiful resources! You might feel pressured to #doallthethings!

Song of the Week can be as simple as singing the assigned song whenever your family does your Come, Follow Me discussions. We like to sing the song before our meal prayers and in the car. You can add more jazz hands, but the program is effective with just simple singing!

We were already doing the Song of the Week program, so this was a natural tie-in for my family to the new curriculum this year. I hope it can be helpful for some of you too!

Song of the Week 2019 preview

You can learn other simple ideas to incorporate music into your home in this post. We’ll also be sharing more simple ideas for using Come, Follow Me on our Facebook page.

I’d love to hear how you intentionally share music in your home in the comments below!

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