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Song of the Week 2018 Children's Home Music Program

To learn more about the benefits of using music like a Song of the Week in your home, please see my original post introducing this fun and simple routine. It has lots of great tips for choosing a “song method” and the inspiration behind this program, as well as other song lists.

This is my family’s third year using a Song of the Week tradition, and we’re still loving it! It fits wonderfully with our core homeschool curriculum The Good & The Beautiful. And it’s simple for this busy mama, which is essential for me to be able to stick with anything these days!

*My personal song list comes from the LDS Children’s Songbook and Hymn book and is part of our homeschool music program. But I think having a Song of the Week can benefit people from any background, religion, or culture!

You can design your own customized Song of the Week program with these simple steps!

Planning a Song of the Week program can be simple

1; Make a list of songs that you would like your family to learn or sing more frequently this year.

I’ve made a list for January-June for my family and will make one for July-December later this year. I think it’ll be my happy medium between planning out the whole year at once versus just winging it and trying to plan it a week at a time (I do not recommend this). You can search for a list of songs that fits your core values and interests.

2. Add one song a week to your family calendar, planner, or Google calendar.

My family introduces our new song each Sunday. I would suggest a regular time to introduce the next song on whatever day you use to kick off your week. I’ve written the songs from now until June in my weekly personal planner, and each week I add our new song to the top of our Menu Board because it’s a place my family checks often. 🙂

3. Sing your song all week!

Sing it at meal time, prayer time, in the shower, as a lullaby, in the car, on a YouTube playlist, around the piano. Whatever works for you, but associating it with something that’s already a part of your day helps the habit stick. I sing while I do dishes.

4. Discuss the history of the song, information about the composer or lyricist, etc. if you’d like to add this element for your family or children’s class.

As my children get older, I would like to include more music history beyond classical composers, but for now we mostly discuss the lyrics and what they mean to us.

5. Rinse and repeat.

Now that we’ve done this a few years, we have included some repeat songs that I just love or were more difficult to learn in just a week. But even the songs that we haven’t used again my children can still sing (or at least recognize them if they hear them) a few years later. You can adapt the “program” as you go along–swap songs, sing a song for two weeks, etc.

Yes, our Song of the Week program is extremely simple, but it works!

I love that my three-year-old can sing along with many of the songs in our main church service. My children are confident singers and have lots of new favorites. They are also willing and excited to learn other songs from our dance parties, children’s videos, and other music they hear because they know how quickly they can pick it up if they’ll just practice it a bit!

I hope you’re able to make a music program that blesses you and yours!


How do you use music in your daily life?


Song of the Week 2018 Jan-Jun Blank Dated List

Song of the Week 2018 Jan-Jun Song list

Song of the Week 2018

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