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January! Tis the season to be… skinny??

Did you know 42% of us have the New Year’s Resolution to lose weight? Over half of those people will lose their drive and give up by February. Well, not us. Not here at This Blue Dress!

One of my goals this year was to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I wanted to run more, to lift more, and to feel better about myself. I took all of these things I wanted and combined them to make one big goal: Going to the gym more!

I was a two-sport athlete in High School, competing on my school’s volleyball and track team. After years of practice and working out, I still do not find myself WANTING to work out too often. It is hard for me – but I do it. I do it and after I workout I FEEL GOOD! The tips and tricks I am about to give you are the things I do to get myself to workout. They are tried and true. I have tried them; they actually work!

Workout tips to get you going to the gym

Tips to Get Started on your Workout Goals


  • Set a realistic goal. I cannot stress this step enough. If it has been six months since you have done any running, do not expect to be running a marathon. If you go to the gym once a month, it is not realistic to expect to suddenly start going every day. Start small. Set a goal that will allow you to progress but do not make it unachievable. You’ll get burnt out and give up.
  • Invest in a good pair of shoes. I’m talking to you runners! Do not throw on your tennis shoes from 6 years ago to train for your 5K. You cannot meet your goal if you injure yourself. There are specific shoes for your chosen exercises. Do your research, talk to doctors, salespeople from different stores, and gain knowledge. Steer clear of the trends. Nike shoes are great for aerobics, but I would not recommend them for long-distance.
  • Splurge on one “cute” workout clothing item. I kid you not, this actually works.  If you have cute workout clothes you will want to workout more! You do not have to throw cash down on a $100 outfit, just pick a cute tank top or pair of leggings that will get you excited about your workout.
  • Make a schedule. This is another key point when beginning to work out. You know yourself – do not set your workout time for 6 am if you hate mornings. Do not set your workout for 5 pm if you have work until 4:30 and you haven’t had food since 11. A workout needs to fit into your schedule. As a college student, my schedule changes every day. Some days I have class until 6 pm, other days I am out at 1, but have to go back at 4. Every Sunday I sit down at my current and most updated schedule. I choose which days I am going to go to the gym and plan accordingly. Know yourself and PLAN AHEAD for your workouts.
  • Get a Workout Playlist. Spotify has amazing clean and upbeat playlist for workouts already premade for you! Or stick around because This Blue Dress is going to have some great music posts with several suggested workout songs!
A Few of My Favorite Exercises

I wanted to share some of my favorite workouts for each of the main body sections. It is tempting to skip arm and abs because it’s 2018, and it’s all about the booty – but do not do this! Spend a little time on your whole body to be fit. Being fit is what you want in the end – not a specific body shape.

Madison's Favorite Exercises and Workouts--This Blue Dress

Good luck with your workout!


What’s your favorite way to exercise? You can learn more about MaLee’s fitness journey here or read some of her best weight loss tips. All of the sisters are on a unique track to health, and we’d love to cheer you on in your fitness goals too!

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