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Do you ever just need a night to party? A night with no “scrubs”? (Especially scrubs wearing hats, those are the worst kind (don’t worry about it, it’s an inside joke)). This past fall, the Utah sisters behind This Blue Dress were in desperate need of such a night. I (Tara), won 2 free tickets to a 90’s themed, ladies only dance party. We bought 2 more tickets and we were on our way!

90's Dance Party Outfits

We tied our plaid shirts around our waists, put our hoop earrings in, tied our scrunchies in our hair and we were off.

First, we stopped by Tacos 180 for some delicious tacos and donuts, which in retrospect was probably not our wisest decision before a night of dancing, but the food was superb! I may have spilled on my white tee shirt, but what else is new? We ate sooo much food. Rice, beans, chips and salsa, tacos, more tacos and so so so many donuts. Have you had pulled Portuguese donuts before? Because they are DELICIOUS!

Pre-dance meal at Tacos 180

Then we headed off to the dance. Of course, we turned the music up in the car and got our hype on! (How I Met Your Mother anyone?? No sad songs, just more build up!!) When we got there, we were a little surprised by the number of people…it was a little smaller than we expected and the venue was smaller than we expected as well., but we were determined to have fun. The DJ was young but knew every word to every song! So many good 90’s hits. We’re talking Hammer Time, Baby Got Back, The Macarena, Blue, and on and on and on. What is your favorite 90’s song?

I may have revealed one of my darkest secrets at the dance. The fact that I like music that is a little on the dirty side. And that I know every single word to “Baby Got Back”. And that I like to dance inappropriately to music that is a little on the dirty side. I think my sisters saw a new side of me, and I’m not sure if they’ll ever recover.

We all got free shirts that they threw out during the course of the dance. 2 say “I came to get down” and 2 say “Word to your mother”. I love them! I have a word to your mother shirt, and it’s fantastic. We also got some slap bracelets and posters that have essential 90’s phrases on them like “As If” and “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.” I am trying to find the perfect place to put them up so I can bring a bit of 90’s magic to my house.

90s Dance Party shirts

We did find out that the dance was a fundraiser to raise money for medical bills for the kids of the hostess. So that helped me feel good about how much the tickets were and how small the dance was. I was glad that we were able to contribute. You can find the hostess on Instagram at brandyatdollfacephoto. She takes beautiful pictures!

Girls Night Out at the 90s dance party

All in all, a 90’s ladies only, no scrubs, dance party was just what the doctor ordered. It was a night of fun, dancing, and laughter. I love my sisters, and I love that we have so much fun when we are together.

What should we do next?!


Have you ever been to a themed dance party or a super fun fundraiser? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

90's dance party recap and fundraiser inspiration

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