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Everything you need to throw a super fun Super Mario party- get all the easy and budget-friendly ideas here!

I’m finally sitting down to write this post…almost two years since we threw our daughter a SUPER fun Super Mario party. Better late than never, right? I’ve got to do something productive while the song “Peaches” lives rent-free in my head.

A Super Mario party theme is great because it is so happy and colorful, both boys and girls love it, it hits the nostalgia button pretty hard, and it has just endless possibilities for all the things you want to do for your party.

I’ve got ideas for decorations, games, food, costumes, and a few gift recommendations! (Many of these ideas are inspired by the **Disclaimer: In this post, we recommend awesome products from Amazon, and we earn a small commission based on any purchases. We appreciate the support so much!

Super Mario Birthday Party Ideas


Ok, before I get into decorations, I have to say, a Cricut machine will be your best friend if you like to make a lot of your own decorations. I have a
Like these clouds! I adore the happy little clouds from the Mario game, so I definitely wanted to include them in the party decor. I just used white posterboard and black paint for those.

And my kids thought Magikoopa was just hilarious, so we had to have Magikoopa flying around in the clouds. I just printed that little guy out and stuck him up there.

I put some festive streamers coming out of the clouds, including a few racing stripe patterned ones in a nod to Mario Kart.

For the hallway, we drew a picture of Princess Peach looking out of a window, and I let the birthday girl color it. I’m not sure why she chose gray gloves for Peach, but I just had to let it go.

I had a big vision for a haunted room and game, but that didn’t turn out. We still had fun drawing King Boo’s face on white balloons and hanging those. They got pretty tangled though by the time I got a picture. I added haunted mansion doors in the back of the room.

Total flop, but it still got a chuckle out of our party guests.

I used my Cricut and cardstock to make these Piranha Plant decorations for our back windows. The pots are made from green posterboard. Looking back now, I think little cutouts of a Mario level under the pots would have been a cute touch. You know, how you go down a pipe and there are coins and stuff?

I also made star coins using my

That same little star was featured on the treat bags for the guests. And kids love to see their names on things, so I made personalized bags using Mario font.

I needed to paint a Nabbit bandana for one of the party games, but I messed up the first one and made it too small for my Nabbit. So I chose to use it as decoration and made a WANTED poster for Nabbit. You can download one for free here.

I highly recommend letting your kids in on helping to decorate! Kids love to make art and have opportunities to have it displayed. I loved these cute paper creations and pictures my daughters made, and we used them to spruce up one of our doors!

Table Decorations

I had a blast with this colorful palette and fun shapes!


Maegan got this gorgeous arrangement, and it brought so much color and life to the table. I wanted to add a little tag on the vase that said “To Peach, Love Mario” or something but I ran out of time. But don’t underestimate what a bouquet of flowers can do for your party vibes!

I doubled one of the gifts, this Princess Peach Castle, as a decoration. It made a perfect centerpiece! We also used these cute here is a very similar set. I scattered the figures all over our party table.

This is the final result!


Yeah, we’re that family that likes to dress up for everything. We believe the more immersive the experience, the better.

We had two pink how to make a no-sew Toad hat. I have no regrets.

I grabbed these Mario masks“>Super Mario-themed masks and a sign that said Select Your Player. It was so fun to see so many cute characters running around. Each guest took one home as a party favor.


There are SO many fun party games to play inspired by Super Mario! In fact, I couldn’t choose which ones I wanted to do, so I opted to do several easy mini games (these are great for both large and small groups). You’ll recognize several from the Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe game.

Yoshi Egg Hunt Game

Online, I saw several examples of a Yoshi-themed easter egg hunt. I loved how they put spots on the eggs, but we just kept it simple and just filled and hid regular easter eggs. It was all over in like 5 minutes anyway.

Mystery Box Switcharoo

I was so thankful to come across these fantastic Mario box printables from My Super Mario Boy. Put a small prize or candy inside one question mark box and Bowser coins (I just printed some) in the 3-5 other question mark boxes. Switch the boxes around quickly for about 10 seconds. Have the child try to guess which box has the prize inside.

Coin Battle

I got a ton of cheap gold coins on Amazon for this game. I got the Mario Face Coins“>coins with Mario’s face on it just for fun.

This game was super easy! The kids just collect as many coins as possible in 30 seconds. Winner gets a prize.

Bowser Bean Bag Toss

My awesome mother-in-law made this cardboard beanbag toss for us. We ordered
Catch Nabbit

In lieu of a pinata, we played a different game to get candy. My brother Dalyn was our Nabbit, complete with some bunny ears and a Nabbit bandana around his face. He carried a big bag full of candy and glowsticks. The object of the game was to catch Nabbit, just like in the Super Mario Bros game. So we went outside and our Nabbit got a running head start, and then the kids were let loose to chase after him. Once he was caught, he had to drop the bag of goods and the kids got to pick up their treats.

Here is a little video from our game:

Mario (Lava Level) Cake Walk

This game is kind of like the Floor is Lava meets a classic cake walk. To make “lava” I got a couple of red plastic tablecloths to put on the floor. My sister Maegan made floor numbers with a fun brick pattern, and I made some Goombas on my Cricut. I set the Goombas in between the numbers on the floor.

To play, we played Mario level music (specifically the lava music!) and the kids walked in a circle from number-to number while also jumping over the Goombas. When the music stopped, we called out a number and that child won a prize. We repeated until everyone won something.

Tip: Looking back, I wish we would have secured the tablecloth on the ground so it wouldn’t have bunched up with all the movement. Try doing that at your party.


Mushroom Cake

We had several hilarious mishaps while creating this little mushroom cake, including our bottom cake completely disintegrating! Can you spot the chicken can we ended up using as a base? You gotta do what you gotta do. The show must go on.

Princess Peach Cupcakes

These were super easy- just add pink frosting and some gems! Just make sure the guests remember to remove the gems before consuming (unless they are edible gems of course).

Bowser Shell Watermelon

I made this the morning of the party so the watermelon would be fresh, and I didn’t realize there was not any leftover white fondant from our cake-making experience for the edge of the shell. So if you make this, remember to add a white fondant ring around the outer edge!

I cut the melon in half, then cut a turtle shell pattern into the back. Then, I used Hugs candies and peach rings for the spikes on Bowser’s shell. (I inserted them into the watermelon with a toothpick.)


In the Super Mario Games, apples give Yoshi a boost. So I just printed out a picture of Yoshi with his tongue out and set him with the apples.


Mama mia! Pizza is obviously inspired by our favorite Italian brothers. I love when easy party food goes with the theme!

Barrel Drinks

I was so excited to find that the Hugs drinks look like little barrels! We set the drinks up to look like Donkey Kong is throwing them at Mario.

….you still with me? Sorry for the long post, but I hope you found something useful. Have a super fun time creating your own Super Mario Bros. party!

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