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My little niece introduced the show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir to my parents when she was visiting them. Then my parents showed my kids the series.

My girls were hooked. I mean, completely captivated. I have heard multiple name drops from that show in every conversation the kids have engaged in since March. They play pretend nearly every day, and you bet those characters are involved in their games.

My kids pieced together their own Ladybug and Cat Noir costumes after first seeing the show.

And I won’t lie to you, I am also dying to know whether or not Adrien and Marinette get together.

Do you have a kid or other family member that is as obsessed with Ladybug and Cat Noir? You’re in the right place for some super fun ideas for a birthday party and more!

Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir Birthday Ideas

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to products I used to make this party! No extra cost will be charged to you.

Miraculous Decorations

This poster was the perfect party backdrop! It was big, thick, well-made, and had the two main characters on it.

I added my daughter’s name and age number in ladybug letters to personalize the backdrop.


On one of my doors in the kitchen, I added a sign that said “Happy birthday, Kate!” in french. It had a ladybug border.

Of course, we had to have the Kwamis somewhere! I drew these with my Cricut and laminated them before hanging.

I needed something to decorate my back doors with. So I made some easy, budget door covers! I cut a red and a black party tablecover to fit around the windows. Then I cut out the words “Tikki, Spots on!” and “Plagg, Claws out!” with my Cricut.

I also made a paper Ladybug symbol and Cat Noir Symbol. I glued everything directly to the table covers. After I took this picture, I hung twisted crepe paper along the top of the door to cover up my tape (black and green over Cat Noir, red and black over Ladybug). Voila!

Balloon arch

This was a really easy decoration to make! I used black and red balloons and then I used ladybug pattern balloons for accents.


Akumas are the little butterflies that Hawk Moth uses to “akumatize” his victims and get them to do evil things.

I got a pack of little butterfly toys for this project.

I spray painted half of them black, and the other half white (for the “de-evilized” akumas). On the black ones, I used white paint to draw little “charge” designs on them and then sprinkled fine purple glitter over the paint.

These made cute accents for the food table, and would also be great for playing pretend!

Eiffel Tower

The show features this iconic tower, so I included it on my table spread. I ordered this little figurine. I put a tiny light inside for a little sparkle, too.

Miraculous Box

My brother painted a little box black to look like one of the little individual miraculous boxes. We cut a red foam piece to line the bottom of the box, and then Mod-Podged a printed Miraculous box symbol to the top of the lid. Easy! I thought it turned out pretty adorable, and the kids were excited to receive their miraculouses in it.

Miraculous Costumes, Props, & Gifts

Cat Noir and Ladybug costumes were a must, and thankfully, I ended up with good quality ones!

I recommend this Cat Noir costume! We ended up cutting the glove part off and sewing it as a separate piece because my daughter (who has sensory challenges) did not like how the feeling of a one-piece costume. Other than that, the costume is a hit. The belt tail cracks me up so much.

I love that this ladybug costume came with a wig and a pair of earrings! I do suggest sizing up because the suit was a little smaller than expected.

Cat Noir Stick

This was a really easy DIY. My husband had some leftover PVC pipe, so we spray-painted it black (you can also use silver). I printed out a Cat Noir symbol and glued it to the stick once the paint had dried. Then I cut three thin strips of green card stock and glued those to the stick as well.

My stick is not collapsible, but it looks great and did the job for the party and beyond.

Miraculous-Themed Jewelry and Miraculouses

Cat Noir is not complete without a ring!

Miraculous jewelry can make a great gift for your hero! My mom bought a cute jewelry set that had the Cat Noir symbol on one necklace, and a little black cat with a bell on the other. I am also in love with this Tikki and Plagg charm bracelet!

If you want to go all-out and get all the miraculouses (that are released so far), click on the links to shop on Amazon.

Ladybug Miraculous

Cat Noir Miraculous

Butterfly Miraculous

Fox Miraculous

Turtle Miraculous

Dragon Miraculous

Bee Miraculous

Snake Miraculous

Goat Miraculous

Peacock Miraculous

Plagg and Tikki Plushes

These plushes are AWESOME! Ours have little keychain hooks that allow the kids to attach the toys to a costume or a backpack!

Miraculous Character Masks

I came across these cute character masks online and got them for the party. I was a little disappointed that they were not the foam masks I had hoped for, but my kids still love them. I really like that this pack has two of each mask in case a mask gets ripped or lost.

These are definitely for kid faces, and not adults!

Miraculous party masks

Miraculous Coloring Book

My mom gifted my daughter this Miraculous coloring book. Despite the Amazon complaints about the pages being too “simple”, my kids have thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I have actually considered ordering another book so they won’t fight over this one anymore.

Miraculous Blanket

A blanket is a perfect gift for all ages! My daughter loves her new Miraculous blanket.

Miraculous Food & Drink

Ladybug Cake

I’ve said this before- I am not a talented cake decorator like my sisters! (Check out the stunning wedding cake Tara made for MaLee’s wedding!) Because we keep it real here, I first have to show you my disaster cake.

Pretty bad, right?!! It’s okay to laugh. I had attempted to make a miraculous box cake. I cut the cake into an octagon shape, but as soon as I began the crumb layer of frosting, the cake pretty much disintegrated.

I ended up playing it safe and made a simple ladybug pattern cake.

André’s Sweetheart’s Ice Cream

André is an ice cream maker, featured in The Galaciator episode. He is known for creating custom ice cream cones for couples that represent the physical characteristics of them. He also makes cones for singles, and their cones also represent the person the single person is in love with.

For example, Adrien is in love with Ladybug. So André gives Adrien a scoop of strawberry with black-chocolate chip (for her costume), blackberry (for her hair), and blueberry (for her eyes). Marinette receives an ice cream cone that resembles Adrien- peach for his lips and mint, like his eyes.

Going along with this, I designed a custom menu featuring cones from the show, and others that I made up. I added a special mix for my birthday girl.

We had fun mixing and matching ice cream flavors!

Cookies and Macarons

Marinette’s dad is a baker, and macarons are featured in several episodes. Macarons are also used for Tikki’s power-ups, too! Tikki also seems to enjoy chocolate-chip cookies.

Miraculous Cupcakes

I made easy cupcake toppers by printing each miraculous symbol and laminating them! (Click the link below for the FREE cupcake topper download.) We sprinkled matching color sprinkles on the cupcakes, too.

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Cheese Board

No way could we have a Miraculous party without cheese! I added a little cutout of Plagg, who looks so happy to be in the middle of that cheese paradise.

We did not use Camembert cheese, but Laughing Cow cheese wedges gave a similar aesthetic. We added Babybel cheese for a pop of color and included a variety of other pre-sliced cheese. Crackers and grapes were great additions, too, and the baguettes would make Marinettte’s dad proud.

Ladybug Punch

I cut out a bunch of black circles on my Cricut, and then I taped them to my drink dispenser. Then all I had to do was add red Hawaiian punch!

Miraculous Activities


I made a really simple and easy pinata! I hot-glued black crepe paper to an amazon box using this ruffle technique. Then I cut out a Cat Noir symbol and letters using my Cricut and green cardstock. I tried gluing the symbol on, but the ruffles made that difficult, so I taped it on instead. I glued the words “Cat” and “Noir” on each side of the pinata for a little extra something. This whole pinata cost about $2 to make!

Capture the Akuma Board Game

I totally nerded-out and created a Ladybug and Cat Noir game! It’s kind of like tic-tac-toe with a twist. It turned out pretty fun!

Click here to learn how to play the game and to get your free downloads!

Create A Miraculous Holder and Kwami

All you need is plain white paper and some art supplies for this activity! We drew ourselves as a new Miraculous holder. First, we thought of an animal to base our hero after, and then we designed a cool super suit. Then we drew an accompanying Kwami to go with our new look! We shared our power-up phrases, hero and Kwami names, special power, (ex: like Cat Noir’s “cataclysm” or Rena Rouge’s “mirage”) and picture with the group.

Tip: Many of the characters have french-inspired names, since the show is based in Paris, France. Also, Kwamis have short names with a double letter in it! (Plagg, Tikki, Trixx, Pollen, Wayzz, Nooroo, etc.) Get creative with your names!

A twist on this activity would be to make an akumatized supervillan version of yourself. Tell others in your group your backstory and answer questions such as “What happened to make you upset?”, “What is your goal?”, or “What powers do you possess?”

Both activities are great for most ages!

Dance Party

Don’t forget to have a dance party and include the full Miraculous theme song! Let your Miraculous kids show off their best hero moves.

I hope your event is Miraculous!


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