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A classic tea party, but make it tropical! We’ll show you how to easily add some island flair and some cute flamingos to your event for a fun twist.

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I’ve started to really love taking classically themed parties and adding an additional spin on them. Last year, we threw a spa party for my daughter, but the simple twist was that everything was purple!

This year, my daughter wanted a flamingo party, but we didn’t really have many ideas on how to make an event with just flamingos. So we decided to have a tropical tea party and incorporate flamingos that way.

We throw tea parties every year, so if you’re looking for more tea party ideas and tips, check out our other post here!

This party is super adaptable, so whether you’re throwing a child’s birthday party or just want a relaxing summer get-together, these ideas are sure to help you out.

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How to Throw a Tropical Tea Party

I divided everything up into categories so you can easily find what you need. We’ve got it all–decorations, activities, food & drink ideas, and ideas for gift & favors!


Because we emphasized flamingos, we added a lot of pink to our decorations! If you don’t want as much pink in there, feel free to shift to yellows and oranges among the green to catch that island feel.

Because my daughter’s birthday is in January, we held our tea party inside our kitchen, with the kitchen island as the main table.

I got this white Wisteria Hanging Flowers“>hanging wisteria flowers. I just draped them over my light in the kitchen, and it really helped set the mood for the party. Just so dreamy.

You gotta have a tea set for a tea party! I found our super cute tea set from a yard sale in my neighborhood for an absolute steal. I was so happy! However, it was missing a very key component- the teapot. I couldn’t get an exact match for my set, but I managed to find this

In each teacup, I placed a little flamingo cut-out with the name of a guest on it. I really believe small personalized touches make the guests feel really special.

We put battery-powered tea light candles inside of little pink votive holders for a cozy ambience. The original

The battery-powered tropical balloon arch “>this tropical balloon arch and was able to use some of the extra leaves in the table centerpiece.

My daughter really liked this

I really wanted some flamingo hanging decorations“>flamingo hanging decorations to the arch as well. The flamingos were so cute and big! I loved how you can open both sides of the honeycomb for a hanging piece, or only half if you want it to lie flat as a wall decoration.

There are so many ways to use these ADORABLE Tropical Tea Party Activities

The tea party was obviously the main activity, but my daughter and her friends love crafting, and so we thought it would be fun to make some fun accessories for the party.

Hat Decorating

Those fun, floppy hats make a tea party feel even more fun. We thought it would be fun to have the girls decorate their own!

You’ll need:

  • hats
  • faux flowers
  • ribbon (pearl strands are also a fun option)
  • gemstones, pearls, or glitter for additional embellishment (optional)
  • scissors
  • hot glue (our the guests were old enough to use it by themselves, with supervision)

I originally purchased these large hats“>these cute hats instead for the older girls. They turned out great, and the girls still have some room to grow into them. The hats also come with a ribbon with flowers on it, so you can keep them if you want, or remove them so the guests can make it their own.

I bought a bunch of assorted pink ribbon to use. The girls glued the ribbon to the hats and then glued on any florals and embellishments they wanted. They turned out so cute, and it was fun to see the creative processes!

Bracelet Making

I guess young girls have always liked to make bracelets, but the friendship bracelet trend is raging at the time I am writing this post. My daughter is particularly interested in jewelry-making, so she wanted to make some flamingo pink bracelets to wear to the party.

These Pink beads“>pink beads. I also grabbed a set ofFood & Drink

For all of our tea parties, we like to offer mini versions of all the treats. It just adds a fun element, and allows guests a better chance to sample everything.

We added several tropical flavors to our tea party spread, including:

To offer a variety for our guests that weren’t big on fruit-flavored things, we also offered mini cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, and sandwiches.

Because we were on a budget, I didn’t include many of the food and drink options I wanted. But here are more tropical food and drink ideas for your party!

Food ideas:

  • tropical fruit tart
  • coconut cream mini pies
  • Lime tea cookies
  • Dole pineapple whip
  • fruity flavored macarons
  • lemon bars

Other drink options we considered but didn’t use:

  • coconut water
  • strawberry daiquiris (virgin)
  • pina colada mocktails
  • mango or pineapple lemonade
  • tropical herbal tea

Gifts & Favors