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Star Wars Parties are our jam. We are mega-Star Wars fans in the Crouch family. I think we’ve had three Star-Wars themed birthday parties in the past two years, and May the Fourth is a true holiday around here.

These epic Star Wars party ideas are perfect for a birthday party for any age, a May 4th celebration, themed date night, or any other excuse to celebrate all the fun that is Star Wars.

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Make the Pool Noodle Lightsabers

There are so many tutorials on Pinterest for how to make pool noodle lightsabers, but you really just need duct tape for the handle and a pool noodle for the blade. Black electrical tape can add some flair/buttons.

Put the handle in the middle for a dual lightsaber a la Darth Maul.

And if you have a baby, make a baby lightsaber. You’ll thank us.

Wear Star Wars Costumes, T-Shirts or Hair Styles

Handmade Star Wars costumes for a Star Wars Party: Two Padawan, R2D2 and Princess Leia
This pic is quite old, but don’t be afraid to go homemade for your Star Wars costumes! The adorableness that is these Jedi Padawans, R2-D2, and Princess Leia costumes were enjoyed for years!

Clothes make the man, but a cool costume can really make the Star Wars universe come to life. Go all out with one of our Star Wars picks from this costume list, make your own like in our oldie but goodie pic above, or go simple with a great Star Wars t-shirt. We love this classic shirt and this perfectly simple option.

You can always add a Padawan braid, iconic Leia buns, or Ray’s style. We love this Star Wars hair tutorial for tips!

Give a Star Wars Gift

Star Wars LEGO set– Can you think of a better combo than Star Wars and LEGO? Go smaller set, medium set, large set like the Falcon, go all out with a set like the Ewok Village!

Star Wars Game or PuzzleStar Wars Catch Phrase, Star Wars Monopoly, Operation: Chewbacca Edition, GUESS WHO: Disney Star Wars, a Mandalorian-The Child puzzle, the LEGO Star Wars game. The possibilities are endless!

Star Wars Attire-Gift any of the options listed above in Costumes for a fun Star Wars gift! Also, this was one of our favorite Star Wars shirt gift purchases ever.

Star Wars Decor-If you’re an amazingly talented artist like Alex, you can gift a costume Star Wars painting. Or you can’t go wrong with an awesome Star Wars poster.

Star Wars Stickers– We love gifting/and getting these amazing Star Wars stickers from Pumpkin Paper Co.! We’re definitely partial to the Baby Yoda.

Star Wars Collectibles- Our absolute favorite Star Wars book series, Yoda playing cards, R2-D2 piggy bank. This list could go on forever!

Go Star Wars Themed for the Food

You can turn any food from Planet Earth into gourmet treats from a Galaxy Far, Far Away with some clever and/or cheesy Star Wars puns.

You can get similar Star Wars printables to make it extra easy at this Etsy shop.

A few Star Wars Themed Food ideas to get you started:

Yoda Soda, Jedi Juice, or Luke Skywater

One of these mocktails would make an amazing Star Wars drink!

Han Solo Carbonite Jello

Capture a Han Solo action figure in Jello for a fun treat!

Lightsaber Popsicles

Add duct tape holders to stick-style popsicles like Fun Pops (but be prepared for some frosty battles!)

Popsicle Lightsabers for Star Wars Party
Wookie Cookies

Add some fun candy eyes to your favorite oatmeal cookies.

Wookie Cookies Star Wars Party Food
Tie Fighter Cheez-its or Graham Crackers

Put cubes of cheese between two Cheez-its with cheese spread, or put a marshmallow between to Graham Crackers with chocolate frosting

Cheez-it Tie Fighter and Wookie Cookies Star Wars Party Food
Marshmallow Stormtroopers

Draw Stormtrooper faces on marshmallows with a food-safe marker

Marshmallow Stormtroopers Star Wars Party Food
Black and White food

Any foods in this color scheme will coordinate with your Star Wars theme. Don’t forget for the Star Wars napkins and other party goodies!

Create a Spacey Balloon Arch and other Star Wars Decorations

We think every party can use a balloon arch or banner. This black and white balloon banner had an extra Star Wars makeover with glow-in-the-dark and flashing LED light balloons!

For a Star Wars birthday party big number, we added these lights that have all sorts of fun effects!

Star Wars tablecloths, party backdrops, and Star Wars photo props are fun additions.

Complete Your Padawan Training aka Star Wars Party Games

Star Wars Party Games Lightsaber Duel

A Star Wars party wouldn’t be complete without testing your skills!

Have a Star Wars Movie Marathon

You can watch all things Star Wars on Disney+! We highly recommend The Mandalorian if you haven’t seen it yet. You could have the entire Star Wars saga streaming in the background of your party all day!

Give Star Wars Party Favors

We hope this post gave you some amazing ideas for your next Star Wars party! Please share your ideas or any questions you have in the comments below.

May the Force be with you. Always.

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