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****If you have not read my weight loss posts from Rounds One & Two, I suggest starting with those before continuing with this one.

Pre-Round Three Weight Loss

Well guys, I’m back at it again. After a prolonged shoulder injury, an exhausting pregnancy, and the birth of my third child, I’m faced yet again with the daunting challenge of losing weight.

About two years ago, I shed some pounds with the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge by Avocadu. I completed one and 2/3 rounds. (Why only 2/3? Long story short, I got sick and had to stop.)

Ever since then, I have been curious if any subsequent rounds would reflect how my first round or my second round went. If things went more like Round One, this program would definitely be worth doing repeating until I reached my weight goals. The only way to find out is to try again.

Let’s see if I emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic a little less heavy and a little more happy.

Take weight loss one day at a time
One day at a time.

Round Three Weight Loss

Week 1 Recap & Results:

For the first two days I found myself repeatedly face-to-face with the leftovers in the fridge from our wedding anniversary, (like the yummy chocolate Tres Leches cake my friend made us.) Thankfully, I made it out unscathed. I thought I was going to fall off the wagon on that first day.

This time around, the crazy withdrawal headaches lasted until the morning of Day 6! Yikes!

I craved water like crazy. That was new.

I lost 3.6 lbs in the first two days. Three days in, my weight yo-yo’d until it finally dropped another full number again, marking my first week achievement at -4.6.

I was excited that I made a little progress, but I couldn’t help but be discouraged as I compared the results to my other rounds (I lost 5.4 lbs the first week those times) and to many of the people in the support group. I had followed every guideline, just as before. I really thought my results would be more dramatic than before, as I was starting at a heavier weight than my previous rounds.

Slow progress is still progress.

Weight Loss: 4.6 lbs

Inches: 1

Week 2 Recap:

Mindset is EVERYTHING in this challenge, because it would be so easy to give up. On Day 11, I almost quit because I was so frustrated with the scale. I focused on my non-scale victories (11 days without sugar, better hydration, etc.) and just got through the day. Good thing I kept at it, because the numbers finally started to go down again the next day.

I lost 3 pounds and another inch this week, making 7.6 after 14 days.

I really got bored of the food, so much that sometimes I felt that I’d rather not even eat at all. BUT. I still didn’t really crave sweets or anything, which is really cool!

Time to find some new approved recipes.

Weight Loss: 3 lbs

Inches: 1

Week 3 Recap

I kid you not, three of my awesome friends brought brownies and cookies to our doorstep this week. THREE. Then, one of my husband’s co-workers sent a huge box of chocolate cookies. Seriously. It was SO hard to resist all those goodies, and I practiced some serious self-restraint. I froze a few of each to enjoy on a future date.

The last three days were a bit challenging, because I was really ready to dive into a cheat meal after three whole weeks. But I did it!

I lost 1.2 and 1 inch on the last leg. I was actually really surprised I lost anything at all, because I was on my cycle the whole week.

Round Three Results:

Total Weight Loss: 8.8 lbs, and -3 inches

This round went much smoother than my second. While I experienced fatigue, nausea, and headaches some days, I never felt sick enough to quit. Round Three was a lot like Round One.

So…Should You Try Avocadu?

Here is my data from my time with Avocadu.

Round 1: 11.4 lbs & 3 inches

Round 2 (15 days): 7.8 lbs & 2.5 inches

Round 3: 8.8 lbs & 3 inches

The program suggests that you will lose 10 pounds (or more!) per round. This may not apply to everyone. But the numbers speak for themselves- you will probably still lose some significant weight! Based on my little experiment and taking notes of what other participants have said, most people lose at least 8 pounds, which is still awesome at nearly -3 pounds average per week! I have seen others lose way more, too. Like I said, everyone is different.

I grumbled about something each day throughout the challenge, but I think the pros outweigh (ha) the cons in this program. I am lighter, better hydrated, and better nourished. I’ve been putting clean food in my body. I feel good (after the first week). I always feel less bloated and gross while on this challenge. I have control over myself.

If you’re looking for a way to lose weight, perhaps you should Avoca-DO.

Some Random Thoughts and Advice:

  • This challenge was way easier to do in quarantine! No social eating pressures!
  • Fluctuation is totally normal in the challenge. Look at how my weight fluctuated during the 21 days! But even with the ups and downs, the curve is gradually going down. THAT is what is important.
Weight fluctuates a lot- it's normal!
  • My main problem during the challenge is boredom, boredom, boredom with the approved ingredients. I advise you to get a hold of as many approved recipes as you can. And if you find something you like, make a big batch so you can have leftovers or freeze it for another time.
  • My second biggest obstacle was the need to cook two meals every mealtime- one for me, one for my family. My kids just won’t eat all the things I do during this diet. If you’re like me, I suggest simplifying your family’s meals, cooking in big batches, or making meals that can easily be modified to fit everyone’s needs. And encourage your family to try new, healthy things! Kale chips are apparently super cliche or whatever, but homemade ones rock and my [picky as heck] kids actually love them.
  • You should definitely take probiotics. It’s normal to get backed up, knowwhatimsayin, and you’ll want all the help you can get.
  • After a round, don’t cheat for more than 2 days. Just don’t. The program suggests one cheat meal before returning for another round. I personally don’t have that much discipline, but I have also found it realllly sucks to re-lose the same few pounds. That’s why one to two days seem to be the magic number for me; to take a quick breather and enjoy off-plan food, but not totally fall off the wagon.
  • I actually started a Round 4 while writing this post. I took a three day break in between (that’s too long, like I just said), and I am not nearly as sick or tired as I was for my Round 3 Week 1. And zero headaches. I think it gets easier if you do rounds close together, because there is less crap for your body to purge.

Anyway, there’s my two cents about this plan. I’m pretty darn happy I stumbled across it. It’s helped me chip away at my goals, so I think I’ll keep this up until I feel like myself again! It’s going to be a long road, and a worthwhile one.

Good luck! Weight Loss is tough, but so are you.


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