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Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your man for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a birthday, or just because, these five senses gifts will be a great way to say I love you for any special occasion!

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Men can be hard to shop for! Our sister chat regularly has an SOS for help with a sweet, unique, meaningful, fun, budget-friendly gift idea for our husbands. We’ve compiled our favorite gift ideas that will delight your sweetheart’s senses-literally!

Sense of Touch Gifts

This sense can make for some of the most romantic gifts! 

  • Silky sheets or a soft blanketSnuggle together under something new and delightful. 
  • Pretty Lingerie. We love Mentionables because they are model-free, affordable, and have so many lovely sets and textures. 
  • A new wallet or gloves. A practical gift that he’ll use often and think of you. 
  • Massage gun and massage oil. Learn massage techniques for the gift that keeps on giving or treat yourselves to a couples massage at a spa.  
  • Experience gifts. Go to a pottery studio, glass-blowing class, woodworking shop, or another tactile skill. 
Husband and wife pose by the beautiful scenery of Banff National Park

Sense of Sight Gifts

You may have heard that men are visual creatures, and if that’s true for your guy, he’ll love one of these gifts! 

  • Bucket list scenic destination. Take him to a place with stunning views for unforgettable memories! Some of our favorite gorgeous destinations are Destin, Florida; Zion’s National Park; Niagara Falls; Oahu, Hawaii; Catalina Island; Banff National Park, Canada; and Banos, Ecuador.
  • Wedding or family photo in a beautiful picture frame. If you already have lovely photos in your home, you can make some wall art together or get a digital photo frame to add pictures to all year!   
  • Photo album of your year together. My sister makes one on Shutterfly every year, and they’re such thoughtful gifts! Another sweet version is gifting a photo ornament of you as a couple each year.  
  • Tickets for a play, movie, or museum. See something new and exciting together!

Sense of Smell Gifts

Sniff out some gifts he’ll love with these fun ideas!

  • A scented candle. I wouldn’t have thought of my husband as a “candle guy”, but someone gave us one for a bridal shower gift, and my husband loves to have that scent in our home! These State-themed candles are another favorite option.  
  • Breakfast in bed. This is a staple birthday gift and Father’s Day present at our house, and my husband loves it every time! He loves the smell of the bacon, eggs, and waffles wafting up the stairs. 
  • A favorite cologne. The cologne my husband wore when we were dating is no longer sold, but I found a similar one that we both love. Bonus it lasts a long time!  
  • Epsom Salt Soak. After a long day or tough workout, these are a treat for both touch and smell with all the wonderful scent options! 
beautiful breakfast in bed with pastries, fruit, eggs, and juice to make a great sense of smell gift

Sense of Hearing Gifts

​Help him hear your love for him with these clever gift ideas! 

  • Make a playlist of your favorite songs as a couple. Bonus points if you perform one for him. 
  • Concert tickets for his favorite band. Music lovers will remember this gift forever! 
  • Record a sweet message to go straight to voicemail that he can keep forever. My husband loves sentimental gifts like this. 
  • Nice noise-canceling headphones. Give the gift of no sound for when he needs some quiet. This set has been great for a few our our spouses!  

Sense of Taste Gifts

Does your lover feel loved through his taste buds? 

  • Good hot sauce or flavored vinegar. My husband thinks this stuff is the best thing ever.  
  • A gift card to his favorite restaurant. Simple but always a favorite gift. Use Swagbucks when you shop to earn gift cards quickly! I get many of my husband’s gifts this way.  
  • A gift basket of his favorite snacks. Check out these creative treat gift ideas if your sweetie has a sweet tooth!
  • A tasting experience. Go to a food truck roundup, try a new cultural cuisine, or set up a tour or tasting at a restaurant. One of our favorites is chocolate tasting!

How to Give Your Senses Gifts

  • Delight all of his senses with a gift from each category! Separate gifts into individual gift bags with our beautiful, free Senses Gift Tags. Give one sense a day or combine all the gifts with tags into one big sensory basket or box. It’s a perfect combination!
  • Plan a Senses Date Night. Give him a new cologne, eat out at a favorite place or a bucket list restaurant, watch a new movie, hold hands, and make a love song playlist. Upgrade the date experience to an entire weekend getaway for an anniversary gift or birthday celebration. 
  • Focus on a specific sense. If your man’s love language is physical touch, then the sense of touch might be an ideal gift, or if he appreciates words of affirmation, the sense of hearing gifts might be particularly meaningful. Give multiple gifts that go with that sense.

Remember that it really is the thought and love that counts! Here’s to creating memories with the special man in your life that touch the heart and senses alike.

We hope this gift guide helped you find the best sense gift ideas for your sweetheart! 

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