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I just tried out the 21-Day Weight Loss Challenge from Avocadu, and guess what?

It’s legit.

While I’m not here to reveal their specific program or anything, I do want to share my three-week journey with you in case you’re considering trying out the program. (Note: I did not receive any freebies in exchange for this review, and all opinions are my own!)

My Experience with the 21-Day Weight Loss Challenge from Avocadu

My Story

First, let me give you a little backstory with my weight struggles and how I stumbled across Avocadu.

I was at a very healthy weight before having children. Between my two pregnancies, I gained 95 pounds, and both of my children were delivered via c-sections.Β 

Then, two months after delivering my second child, I was back in the operating room for an emergency gallbladder surgery removal. I struggled a lot in that time, trying to recover from two close-together surgeries while also caring for a newborn and toddler.

But as soon as I was healed enough from my surgeries, I began exercising again and tried five different diets. Nothing worked, and it was so hard to see my efforts wasted.

One night on Pinterest, I saw an ad for Avocadu. The 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge seemed like an interesting program, but I didn’t see any reviews or anything about it, and it kind of had that “too good to be true” vibe. So I put the idea on the back burner as a last resort.

6 months later, I revisited Avocadu. At that point, it seemed like they had a bigger following, and it seemed like people were getting results. So I decided to try it out.

Program Overview:

Avocadu ‘s 21- Day Fat Loss Challenge is a three-week program designed to help people lose weight quickly and safely. The challenge is designed to be repeatable if you have more weight to lose after you complete the first 21 days. Β (Three weeks = 1 ’round’). Upon purchase, you’ll get a list of approved foods, along with instructions on when to eat certain things.

Basic overview and FAQ can be found here: Avocadu 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge Overview

What initially peaked my interest:

  • 10 pounds in 3 weeks (with sincere effort) or money back? Deal.
  • Also, this program is a one-time purchase with lifetime access. No stupid automatic renewal subscriptions.
  • Fairly inexpensive. At the time I bought it, it was only $47
  • Only 21 days per round
  • Diet-focused with real food, no sketchy supplements or shakes required
  • Don’t have to spend time tracking food

After my purchase:

I was very impressed with the amount of content Avocadu had available to help understand not only what you will do, but why it’s helpful for you to do it. Everything you need is in one easy download, or available in an online pdf series in your account. Simple to follow, and looked great.

Avocadu does have information on other products they sell, but you do not have to buy anything but the plan.

I discovered there was a Facebook support group available only to those that purchase the program. You’ll receive instructions on how to join the group after you purchase the 21- Day Challenge. This group is FANTASTIC. Recipes, motivation, and helpful advice at your fingertips.

Tip: Make sure you purchase the program with the same email that you wish to be tethered to your account. Ex: I bought through my joint PayPal account, which uses a different email address than the one I wanted to use. Lauren from Avocadu kindly helped me sort all that out, but I thought I’d save you some trouble.

I’ll be honest, when I first looked at the meal plan, I kind of freaked out. But now that I’ve completed three weeks (one round), I can attest that it’s possible to do. Just takes a lot of mental power.

Avocadu Round 1 Experience

So how did the challenge go for me? I documented how I felt each day throughout the challenge and made note of when I lost weight.

Vegetables are a huge part of Avocadu.

Round 1

Week 1:

Day 1: We met some of our neighbors today, and I made…chocolate chip cookies. This diet idea nearly flew out the window. Also, I’m using the bathroom as often as a pregnant lady. So far this really sucks. But the program said it would for a few days.

Day 2: I feel like complete garbage. My legs are aching even though I did nothing strenuous today, and I actually feel sick sick. Horribly nauseous, hungry, and irritable. But hey, 2 pounds down.

Day 3 & 4: I have had MASSIVE headaches. I never get headaches. My energy is at an all-time low, but I’m not feeling nearly as hungry.

Day 5: Feeling much better today. Still a little weak, though. I didn’t even want lunch because I was still full from breakfast. 5 pounds down. Take that, weight plateau! I feel real hope for the first time in years, because I see a number I haven’t seen in 2 years!!

Day 6: First day that the numbers haven’t gone down. I’ve got a bit of that “digestive distress” they warn you about. Otherwise, I feel pretty good! Headache free today :). My husband does have pizza downstairs for a man party, and it smells ridiculously amazing.

Day 7: I’m not dropping quite as much as I did in the very beginning, but still dropping! I was extremely tired today and took my first nap in like 8 months!

Avocadu Week 1 Takeaways:

  • One week down! This has been a very interesting, eye-opening seven days.
  • I don’t really look different yet, but I’m still really happy with my progress. 5.4 pounds down! This was mostly done from diet, because I only went on walks for exercise this week.
  • I am already so much more mindful of what I am eating. I can’t tell you how often I used to grab the first convenient thing in sight when I was hungry.
  • Seasonings are EVERYTHING
  • Unless I see or smell it, I don’t have insane cravings for the stuff I’m taking a break from.
  • Right now I can’t claim I have boundless energy or anything, but I feel clean. I feel good. I feel in control!
  • Even if you don’t need to lose weight, I recommend doing this program just to boost your health and give your body a break from processed foods and to properly hydrate yourself!
  • 7 days down, 14 to go. Let’s do this.
Light exercise is recommended by Avocadu.
I exercised lightly during Round 1 by going on frequent walks and doing Zumba with my daughter.

Week 2

Day 8: I made a Pinterest board full of recipes that incorporate approved foods. I’m so excited to make some new things! And I got groceries for the week today- WOW! Never have I purchased so many vegetables in one go.

Day 9: Today marks 30 pounds lost since having my second child! I am so happy. I took measurements too! 1.5 inches total off my waist, hips, and legs.  7.2 pounds down in 9 days. I still can’t believe it. Drinking all this water is becoming a little easier for me and not something I have to think about every second. Today I can see a difference in my face, and I literally feel lighter on my feet. I am kicking myself for not trying this program in September when I first stumbled across it.

Day 10: Halfway mark! I’m starting to feel hungry throughout the day again. And I swear, if I see another delicious-looking Easter recipe, I’m gonna lose it. πŸ™‚

Day 11: This has been an insane test of self-control. But I’m passing! And my energy is starting to come back, so that’s another plus! On another note, there needs to be a drive-thru for totally healthy, PRE-CUT food.

Day 12: 8 pounds gone in less than two weeks. Unbelievable! I’m definitely going to lose the 10 they promised by the end if I just keep it up!!

Day 13: Nothing really new to report today. I can’t believe this is starting to feel…normal.

Day 14: Day 14 of the program is not my favorite, but I’m still chuggin’ along.

Avocadu Week 2 Takeaways

Another 3.4 pounds down! 8.8 total in two weeks. I feel like my willpower is stronger. Still waiting for that crazy energy people talk about from eating clean, but maybe I’ll just never have that as a mom with young kids. πŸ™‚ But overall, I feel good. This week definitely went faster than last week.

Also, not sure if my lady cycle is going to affect my last number, but I’m still so proud of what I’ve accomplished, and I can’t wait to see my final results.

Water is important to achieve weight loss goals with Avocadu.

Week 3

Day 15: On the last leg! I did some Zumba with my little daughter, and I swear I noticed those 9 pound missing. That felt awesome.

Day 16: SO CLOSE to that 10 pound mark. Come on, body. You’ve got five more days.

Day 17 & 18: Just coasting now. I don’t really think about how different I’m eating now, because it feels routine.

Day 18: I really do think I’d already be down 10 if my body wasn’t doing its monthly thing. My weight always fluctuates at this time.

Day 19: I went to Walmart today, and seeing all the Easter candy didn’t bother me. I did, however, have to flee at the sight of the cheesecake in the bakery.

Day 20: I felt so euphoric after my morning weigh-in, because 10.8 pounds GONE. I still can’t believe it. I AM SO HAPPY.

Day 21: Final Weigh in: -11.4 pounds. I DID IT!

Day 22 (Day after end of challenge): I ate a couple of small pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, and while they tasted AMAZING, I can feel my body rejecting the sugar. I feel like…crap. Today is Easter, and I have a Resse’s Easter bunny that I’ve been wanting for weeks, and now I’m not sure I want it. This is weird.

*later at night* I feel like I’ve been poisoned. I did not eat well today, and my body is letting me know about it.

Avocadu Week 3 Takeaways

  • Fastest and easiest week of the three by far
  • 2.6 pounds lost
  • Had decent energy this week
  • It was harder to stay on top of my water intake since everything else started to feel so routine. But I still did well with that.
  • It was a bit discouraging to not lose as quickly as I did in the beginning, but I still kept at it.
How was your success with Avocadu?

Avocadu Round 1 Results & Takeaways

My Personal Results:

  • Lost 11.4 pounds and 3 inches
  • I feel good, and already so much more confident! This was a totally doable program, and I’m definitely going to do it again.
  • My family wasn’t eating poorly before, but now we are motivated to eat even better.
  • It’s amazing how powerful the mind and the body are. This round taught me that my mind is stronger than my body.
  • Hardest Days? 1-4, and 10

Pros of the Avocadu Challenge:

  • Incredible Facebook support group! People are honest, real, and helpful.
  • Great information and resources are provided before and after purchase
  • You eat real food–you don’t have to worry about dangerous additives or scary side effects.
  • Inexpensive compared to other programs
  • Challenging (obviously, because it’s a challenge), but doable
  • I now have proof that their guarantee is true!

Cons of the Avocadu Challenge:

  • Meal prep takes forever. It was worth it, but it was tough to be in the kitchen so much when I have little kids to keep up with.
  • I got really bored eating the same things over and over. I needed to spend more time researching approved recipes.
  • It’s hard to block out a 3 week span where there is not a birthday, trip, or special occasion that could interfere with the diet.
  • My family’s grocery bill did not go down, as some claim will happen. In fact, I spent around $20 more per trip, and I wasn’t even eating much organic food. Small price to pay for health, though.
  • A “con” is that there is absolutely no cheating allowed without restarting the round.

I recommend this program! The confidence and health that come after the 3 long weeks is so rewarding. This has been life-changing for me.

Get the program here, and remember- men can do it, too.

Good luck! YOU CAN DO THIS.


Note: In the Facebook support group, many people ask the question about how Round 2 differs from Round 1.Β  Here’s my condensed recap of my experiences and results with Avocadu Round 2 and Avocadu Round 3!

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