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Looking for the perfect creative costume to coordinate with your sweetheart? We’ve got you covered with this fun Halloween costume ideas for couples

We, here at This Blue Dress, were thinking of Halloween and our favorite parts and struggles. And at the top of both of those lists were creative costume ideas. Specifically, couples costume ideas.

Mariah is a genius at these! She has had so many good ones. And she’s incredible with makeup. But I’ll try my best to keep up with her creative genius 🙂

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Awesome Couple Costumes

You can’t go wrong with your favorite movie or tv show characters. My husband and I have gone as Charlie Brown and Lucy. (Bonus points if you have a baby and a pumpkin outfit so you can have your very own Great Pumpkin). And this year we are doing a Star Wars theme. Han and Leia are easy to do! Or Padme and Anakin.

Star Wars characters make amazing couple costumes.

Mariah and her cute husband have gone as Belle and Gaston, and Effie Trinket and Seneca Crane. (This year they are planning on being Poppy and Branch from Trolls!  Check back later to see their amazing handmade costumes!)

Amazing Halloween costume ideas for couples
Mariah and Jake as Effie Trinket and Seneca Crane

I had some cute friends that went as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Plot twist! Her husband went as Tinkerbell and it was hilarious. You could also do Peter Pan and Wendy because all Wendy needs is a blue dress and a ponytail and a bow.

Fun Theme Ideas

You can also stick with fun themes. Like burglars. That is super easy. Black hats, masks, (even drawn with makeup), and striped shirts. Badabing badaboom, you’ve got a costume! You can go as a Where’s Waldo couple (men’s version and women’s version), or even Waldo and Carmen San Diego. One year we did a football player and a coach. My cute friends did Adam and Eve. Some other friends did Pikachu and Ash, and it was adorable.

Pick a fun theme for easy couple costume planning!

We have some friends from church that are intense when it comes to costumes. They go all out and start planning early in the year. One year the husband grew out a beard for about a month before Halloween, then showed up to the Halloween party with a shaved head, and a mustache and a sheet wrapped around him in the authentic Ghandi method. Holy Mackerel. Dedication anyone?! And his wife was Mother Theresa. Another year, they were Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo. Their costumes are legendary. And your possibilities are endless.

You can even get a whole group together and go all out. There’s the Scooby Gang, Disney Princesses, Wizard of Oz, The Breakfast Club, like I said, endless possibilities!

Get your creative juices flowing and have fun this Halloween. And post your pictures so we can see what you came up with!


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