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We sisters LOVE the TLC show Four Weddings (and boy, did we binge-watch it before Madison’s wedding!). Each episode features four brides that compete for a grand prize honeymoon by having the highest-rated wedding. The brides-to-be (all were strangers before the show), attend each other’s weddings and give each wedding a rating based on different categories, such as Venue, Wedding Dress, Food, Music, and Theme. The winner is determined at the end of the show!

We love TLC's Four Weddings, so we're bringing the fun to you in Four Parties!

*Now, that being said, All of those main concepts and ideas belong to TLC, and not to This Blue Dress.

But we thought it would be fun to do something similar: competing with friends for the best holiday or any-time party. So we give you: Four Parties!

Put some sparkle into your holiday seasons with Four Parties!

Here’s How Four Parties Works:

You’ll need at least three competitors to make this work, but you can include as many friends as the number of parties you’re actually willing to attend in a short time frame.

  1. Choose a holiday
  2. Set dates for each party during the determined month, and make sure every competitor can attend
  3. Determine the grand prize
  4. Plan amazing parties! Try to pick unique themes so no party is alike.(Ex: for Christmas Four Parties, one person may throw an ugly sweater party, another a hot chocolate party, one a snowman-making showdown, and the last competitor may do a fancy Christmas foods party.)
  5.  Attend each party. At the end of every party, the three non-hosting friends will write down their rating the party based on food, decorations, venue, activities, and the awesomeness of the host/hostess attire. Each category has a rating out of 10, for a potential perfect score of 50. Keep your rating cards until the final meeting.
  6. Sometime after the last party, meet again and bring the rating cards to be counted. You will probably want a neutral party to add the scores up from each party, for fairness and suspense.
  7. The person with the highest-rated party (highest score) wins the prize.
You can do generic themed parties instead of holiday themes with Four Parties!

If you’re not doing a holiday party, you can do generic-themed parties!

Print the free rating cards below (each page has two cards) and start planning your big event!

For 3 competitors, you’ll need: 6 rating cards (print 3 copies and cut down the middle. 2 per person.)

For 4 competitors, you’ll need: 12 rating cards (print 6 copies and cut down the middle. 3 per person.)

For 5 competitors, you’ll need: 20 rating cards (print 10 copies and cut down the middle. 4 cards per person.)

Free Printables

*Copyright © 2018 This Blue Dress. All printables are for personal use only.

For Four Halloween Parties:

Four Parties Rating Card Printable

Halloween Four Parties competition printable #familyfun #friends #halloweenparties


For Four Christmas Parties:

Four Parties Christmas Rating Card


For Four Valentine’s Day Parties:

Four Parties Valentine’s Day Rating Card


Four Four Parties, Anytime:

Four Parties Anytime Rating Card


May the best party win!


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