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One of my favorite local Utah events is the Holi Festival of Colors hosted one weekend every spring at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple in Spanish Fork.

This event was founded on the Hindu tradition of families and friends gathering to throw colored cornstarch into the air around a fire in celebration of the end of winter and the triumph of good over evil. It has turned into a huge local celebration and draws in tens of thousands of families and students for the two-day event.

Holi Festival of Colors crowd 2018

There is a main stage set up at the base of the hill by the temple. This is where the main schedule of events takes place throughout each day. There are dancers, singers, yoga instructors, and at at the top of every hour, someone stands to lead the “Krishna” chant and the throwing of the colors. You’ll find a large crowd near the main stage throughout the entire day.

Henna at the Color Festival
Henna 2 at the Festival of Colors

Henna 3 from the Festival of Colors

There is also a side stage with similar performers and vendor tents set up for perusing. Participants can enjoy the food trucks, henna artists, and llama corral. The temple itself is at the center of the event. It is beautiful and is a perfect place for the festival. March 25th is the last day of the festival this year, but thankfully it is an annual event!

Llama pen at the Festival of Colors
If you decide to go, there are a few things you should know.
Holi Festival of Colors after picture

1: Parking is pretty packed the closer you get to the temple. Plan on paying for parking in a nearby field and walking a short distance to the entrance.

2: You cannot bring outside color packets into the festival. You have to buy them from stands inside.

Purchase your color packets at the Festival of Colors
Festival of Colors color packets

3: Many people bring bandanas so they can participate in the hourly color throws. The dust cloud gets pretty thick at that point, and it can be difficult to breathe without something covering your mouth and nose.

4: The color dust is like glitter or sand–It gets EVERYWHERE! Unlike glitter or sand, it can stain. Wear clothes you are okay with ruining and discarding afterward.

Holi Festival of Colors before group pic
Holi Festival of Colors after group pic

5: Prep your car beforehand so you do not stain your seats/seatbelts. We put towels over the seats, trash bags on the floorboards, and wrapped the seat belts in trash bags. Bring baby wipes to clean your hands before getting back in the car!

Enjoy! It is such a chill yet fun festival. You are sure to have an amazing time!


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