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Subject Specific Review from The Good and The Beautiful Curriculum

*This post has been updated as of 7/28/18 to include new levels and subjects in addition to the original November 2017 review.

Looking for a great homeschool curriculum for language arts, history, science and more? I’m excited to share about the specific subjects we use from The Good & The Beautiful (TG&TB) curricula in our homeschool! My children are ages 3-9, and the older three participate in most of these subjects. TG&TB has become our primary core curriculum this year.

Please check out my overall review of The Good & The Beautiful if you’d like to read that first. Let’s jump right into the subjects!

Individual TGTB Subjects

(Designed to be used one-on-one with the instructor)

The Good & The Beautiful Language Arts

Levels 1, 2, and K Primer from the Good and the Beautiful

My family is currently using Levels 3, 1, and K.  My daughter has also used and completed the Pre-K Level and K Primer, and my oldest son has completed Level 2.

You can get any of the levels we use as a FREE download on The Good & The Beautiful website! Isn’t that amazing! I prefer the printed and bound copies for ease, and the quality is lovely. But the downloads are a fantastic option to try out the curriculum or to make homeschooling more affordable.

The language arts courses include:
  • A course book (the core part of the curriculum–truly open and go for parents!)
  • Course companion (includes assessments that are helpful in measuring a child’s progress without being intimidating
  • Phonics cards (we don’t use these as suggested in the curriculum, but they’ve been fun for reading practice)
  • Leveled Readers (great for my younger one who is still learning how to read. My two older readers found them to be too easy for their reading levels)
  • *K Primer includes 20 downloadable learning songs (we haven’t used these yet)

This has been the most thorough and easy-to-use language arts curriculum I’ve ever used in our homeschool! My two middle children adore it and even fight over who gets to work with me first. We’re working on that. 🙂

I thought some of Level 1 might be too rigorous for my active tactile learner, but he’s is loving it! The cute animals to color when he masters sight words is his favorite part so far. I regret not trying TG&TB with him sooner!


I personally dislike teaching the sentence diagramming and haven’t found a way to make it enjoyable. My advanced reader has found some of the grammar and spelling practice to be too repetitive. However, his skills in these areas have definitely improved since using TG&TB! He even sent me a text this morning with a bunch of spelling words that he had practiced without being asked. Success!

*Update: The sentence diagramming and other grammar parts ended up being one of the best parts of Level 2 for my son. He ended up having a natural knack for these topics which helped his overall confidence!

The Good & The Beautiful Handwriting

My family is using Levels 1, 2, and 3 for handwriting for my 5, 7, and 9-year-olds. The illustrations are beautiful, and my children LOVE the drawing parts on most of the pages. They usually do one page 4-5 days each week. I have seen improvement in each of my children’s handwriting since they started using these books. I will update with pictures after they have completed at least half of their level.

The Good & The Beautiful Typing 1

My oldest started this course recently, and his typing has improved quickly. The lessons are short and focused which has been a perfect fit. We had been using more arcade style online games, but this has been a better fit for our family. He does each lesson in a Google Doc so he can just start where he left off each school day.

Family-Style TGTB Subjects

(Designed to be used as a group unit-study)

The Good & The Beautiful History 1

The Good and the Beautiful History is lots of fun!

History Course Book and Big Book of History Stories

If you can only purchase one subject from TG&TB I would recommend this History Course! All of my children love history now.

This course includes:

  • A course book with lesson plans (open and go, very little prep!)
  • Dramatized audio stories (similar to old-style radio, helps add variety to lessons)
  • The Big Book of History Stories (this book is beautiful!)
  • PDF Student Explorer Activites (I didn’t think they’d be our style, but my children LOVE these!)
  • Keys of History Board Game (we are learning a lot together as a family playing this game)

This is the only official history curriculum (aka not Liberty’s Kids or Animated Hero Classics videos) that we’ve ever stuck with since we all enjoy it!

The only con we’ve experienced is a few of the lessons have seemed a little too long for younger children to do in one session. I’ve been separating the Keys of History Board Game from the rest so we aren’t working on one subject past my children’s attention spans.

Besides being engaging and enlightening for my children, I appreciate that this curriculum doesn’t present “revisionist” history. It even specifically addresses the pitfalls of rewriting history to overemphasize character flaws of historical figures, without glossing over the fact that people sometimes do make poor choices.

And it’s just lots of fun!

The Good & The Beautiful Health Science: Safety

My children promptly displayed their fire safety plan in our living room after doing the Fire Safety Lesson.

My children promptly displayed their fire safety plan in our living room after doing the Fire Safety Lesson.

I would recommend this course to all parents, even if you don’t homeschool! These are important subjects for all children and in my experience aren’t skills that children just intuitively pick up as they get older.

The Safety Course covers:

  • Fire Safety
  • Water and Electricity
  • Earthquakes and Natural Disasters
  • God Gave Me a Body
  • Home Alone
  • Kitchen and Cooking Safety
  • Internet and Peer Pressure

The lessons we’ve done so far have been perfect for my children’s attention spans and understanding (ages 5-9). I feel a lot more peace as my children are learning these important skills! It’s my all-boy, daredevil son’s favorite subject because the safety rules are explained so well, and he likes discussing real, pertinent topics. The activities are fun, helpful, and low prep.

*Update: We completed this curriculum a few months ago, but my children still ask if we are going to do it each week! We’re going to do a review soon because they enjoyed it so much.

The Good & The Beautiful Life Science: The Human Body Part 1

We have done the first 5 lessons of this science unit, and my children all love it! The vocabulary is a little advanced for my 6-yr-old, but she still likes to participate in the lessons.

**This unit does require a few supplies that I needed to find or purchase ahead of time as they weren’t typical household items.

If your oldest child is in early elementary, I would recommend starting with a different science unit as this one seems more advanced than others offered by TGTB. Several families have enjoyed starting with Arthropods. I chose the Human Body because all of my children expressed interest in learning about this first.

The Good & The Beautiful Book List

This list is fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about it. It has over 546 recommended books!! that have high morals, clean language, and interesting storylines. My children are voracious readers, and it is difficult to screen every book they’d like to read. I love having this go-to list of books that I can trust to be a positive influence on my children. You can find this list on The Good & The Beautiful website.

Park day after finishing our homeschool for the day.

We’ve been able to have more fun doing projects and outings since switching to The Good & The Beautiful.

My family is excited to try other science units and courses offered by The Good & The Beautiful! I’ll update this post as we have a chance to use the materials.

I hope this review has been helpful in considering if this curriculum would be a good fit for your family! I’m happy to answer any questions you have about our experiences with The Good & The Beautiful or homeschooling in general! You can comment below with questions or email me at


*We are not affiliated with The Good & The Beautiful and purchased all items used for review. All opinions are my own. 

The Good & The Beautiful Homeschool Curriculum Review--Several Subjects!

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