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Easy Ways to Date Your Spouse at Home

You might have heard the marriage advice about having a weekly (or at least regular) date night. My husband Joey and I rocked at this our first few years of marriage and said we’d always make it happen.

Well, life happened. And there have been several seasons where it has felt like we don’t really get to “date” each other anymore.

We’ve started making “date-time” a priority again the last few months with at-home dates thanks to The Dating Divas, Netflix, and El Maguey takeout. Not as awesome as a weekly date night with babysitters, but still awesome.

I’d like to share a few of our favorite at-home date resources, whether you’re in the same boat as us and have a hard time getting out, or you just want to shake things up a little!

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10 Easy Ways to Date Your Spouse at Home

10 Ways to Date Your Spouse at Home

1. Candlelight

I thought it was really romantic that this was one of my husband’s first ideas when I brought up this topic. Eat dinner by candlelight, take a bath or give massages by candlelight, or just add candles to any other activity to give it an extra romantic flair.

Choose a scent that has special meaning to you; we like honeysuckle, or use flameless LED tea light candles to create the mood without the sparks.

2. Good Ol’ Movie or TV Show

We don’t have tv stations hooked up, but we love to watch a favorite show like “Sherlock” or “Psych” on Vidangel (edits content to your preferences) or favorite movies. We’re both closet binge-watchers, so it keeps it exciting to look forward to watching a show together.

3. Work on a Project

This one can be really exciting! Choose a dream project you could work on together and take steps on it each time you have date time!

A few years ago Joey and I worked on building shelves together in our garage, and it was lots of fun and made something practical. I was reminded of our date every time I walked through the garage.

Lately, we’ve had some big work projects going on like building a spec house and working on this blog, so some nights we sit on the couch and work on our separate projects, but at least sit together.

We can ask each other for advice, have a fun drink, and still connect while we’re pushing some projects through.

Enjoying a date night together at home

4. Food!

You probably have a special restaurant that you both love or a food that brings back fun memories. Get take out and enjoy it together at home or learn how to make a special meal together at home! It will likely be cheaper than going out and can still be fun!

5. Laugh Together

Watch funny Youtube videos (our favorite is Studio C), comedy acts (several are available on Vidangel), or a funny movie. You could also read a humorous book together, or talk about a subject you both enjoy.

The only downside to this one is you might end up talking the night away as things get more and more hilarious as it gets late.

6. Game Night

We used to play games allll the time when it was just the two of us! It’s been fun to get back into it again. We love playing quick rounds of Yahtzee or Monopoly Deal or a favorite game on Steam.

Sometimes we’ll make silly bets, and the winner will choose a reward. Board and card games are also easy to adapt to bedroom games also. 😉

At-Home Dates with your spouse can be simple and meaningful

7. Intimacy

Spice it up! I’m pretty sure this printable set from The Dating Divas was one of my husband’s favorite gifts ever and would be an awesome gift for your spouse for any special occasion.

It’s a fun challenge to have some “couple time” (you know what kind I mean) every day for seven days–I’ll let you check the details out for yourself on this one.

We also love the games in this Ultimate Intimacy Pack and many other games available at The Dating Divas. Add a good massage oil and each other, and you’re set!

8. Dream Together

Make an awesome budget. Pick out plans for your dream house. Plan an amazing vacation. Learn something new. Share your goals and dreams for your family, career, home, personal development.

Talk about life like you used to when you were dating–only it’s better. Be like the couple on Up and plan your next big adventure together.

9. Plan Ahead

It does help sooo much to have a designated date time. Do try to make one! If life is just too crazy right now and you know it’s just for a season, try to take advantage of whatever time you can.

Look for windows of time you can be together and choose to make your spouse a priority during that time!

It can also be tough to plan an at-home date night if you have children who aren’t the best at bedtime. Boy, can we relate.

Working hard to develop better sleep habits can give you better quality date time, and of course, help improve your children’s health and mood. Plus it will help you not stay up crazy late to have time with your spouse.

We’ve had success with family movie night then date movie night.

Show Love Every Day

10. Try to Show Love Every Day

Date nights are always more successful when you’re trying to show love throughout the week. My Bachelor’s degree is in Human Development, and I took a lot of interpersonal relationship classes.

Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages has definitely stuck with me. You can learn more about them and take a free survey here to find out your top love languages and have your spouse take it too!

It can help you find the most effective ways to show love to your spouse and receive the kind of love that speaks most to your heart in return.

This love languages calendar has been a great reminder to show love in a variety of ways to my husband! I got it last year for Valentine’s Day. I haven’t used it every day this past year, but it makes a definite difference when I use it regularly.

date nights can keep your marriage strong

What’s your favorite at-home date night? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!


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