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Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him that he’ll actually love? These are our top picks for the men in your life!

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day. The day where you are supposed to shower your significant other with gifts and treats to show them that you love them.

Men are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. I spend hours every year researching presents and trying to decide what to get my boyfriend. It’s stressful trying to find gifts for your man! So I thought I’d save you all the trouble!

Here are 21 awesome ideas for gifts that are sure to win with your beau this Valentine’s Day.

This post contains affiliate links, so I may get a small commission on purchases at no additional cost to you.

1: Scratch Off Charts

Valentine's Day Gift Scratch Off Chart

These charts are awesome! Is your man a traveler? Get him a Scratch Off Map so he can easily keep track of all of the places he has been.

Is he a bookworm? Get him an Essential Novel Scratch Off Chart. Find the scratch-off chart that is geared to your man’s interests and you’re set!

2: Custom Cufflinks

Valentine's Day Gift Custom Cufflinks

These custom Longitude and Latitude Cufflinks are both romantic and practical. They look amazing with a nice suit and remind your man of your love for him every time he wears them.

Select the coordinates of your first date, your first kiss, or maybe your wedding venue and have them printed elegantly on the cufflinks!

Several different Etsy shops sell them and the prices range from ~$20-80. Choose the set that fits your budget and make sure to order early enough to have it shipped on time!

3: Team Man Crates

 Valentine's Day Gift Team Man Crate

This site is designed to specifically appeal to men. There are all kinds of cool crates and gift boxes to choose from including sports crates, grilling kits, exercise crates, and food compilations.

One of my favorite options they offer is the jerky boxes. The Jerky Heart is a great choice for Valentine’s Day, and I can personally attest to its delicious contents. It’s worth every penny!

4: Specialty Glasses

Valentine's Day Gift Specialty Glasses

Whether your man is a drinker or not, every guy enjoys having nice glasses. I recently came across these city map glasses and thought they would make great gifts! You can order just one or a few to make a whole set.

I like the idea of having a set of three or four cities that mean a lot to your man: where he was born, where he grew up, where he went to college, where you met, his favorite city, etc.

There are also sets that are catered toward a fan base, such as this Star Wars set. And NFL glass sets.

5: A Nice Watch

Valentine's Day Gift Nice Watch

Every man needs a nice watch. I’m not talking Rolex nice, but something he can wear to church or important business meetings. MVMT has some nice looking watches that are much more affordable than the high-end brands. 

If those are still a little out of your price range, check out some of these options on Timex Brown Leather or Armitron Sport Quartz Stainless Steel.

6: State Cap Map

Valentine's Day Gifts California Beer Cap Map

My boyfriend doesn’t drink alcohol, but he is a huge fan of soda; especially gourmet sodas. I got him this California Beer Cap Map last year, and he has loved picking up new soda caps for it.

We have spent a few date nights in a local soda shop picking out sodas with particularly cool caps to fit into his map. They sell all 50 states in several different colors of wood, so there is one for everyone.

There is also a US map option for those who have moved around a lot and don’t have a specific home state.

7:  Wireless Headphones

Valentine's Day Gift Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a great gift, especially for men who live an active lifestyle! There are many different brands and styles of wireless headphones, so make sure to do your research before deciding on a set! Here is a cost-effective option for wireless headphones.

If you are wanting something a little nicer, Bose, Jaybird, and Beats headphones are all great brands to look for.

8: Wallets

Valentine's Day Gift Wallet

Guys have a thing about wallets. They use them every day and seem attached to one type of wallet or another. Their wallet holds the fruit of their hard work, so even though it’s small, it’s an important and functional accessory every man needs.

My boyfriend has been very happy with the Andar wallet I bought him two years ago. It has held up really well and he has yet to replace it. You can see another slim and even more economical Andar wallet here

These wooden wallets have also been super popular recently. They are a spin on traditional wallets and would make a fun and unique gift for your significant other. And some more fun wooden wallet options

9: Enso Rings
Valentine's Day Gift Enso Rings

Does your significant other spend a lot of time working out? Or maybe he works in an industry where it is not safe to wear his wedding ring? Enso Rings are the perfect gift for all sorts of people. Due to their composition, Enso Rings are safe to wear during workouts or labor-intensive careers.

You want to run, climb, work, swim, cook, shower, hold a child without pausing life to take off the very emblem that represents the life you live. Add to that the real risk of ring avulsion, degloving and amputation, and we set out to create silicone rings to protect your precious moments and fingers.” (

They have many different options and styles of rings to fit a wide variety of tastes and needs. There are sports stackables, ultralite rings, and even Elements rings that look like traditional wedding bands and come with a lifetime guarantee.

I have a few of these rings myself, and I absolutely LOVE them! I cannot say enough good things about this brand or these rings. Take a look at the men’s rings today or check out one of our favorite Enso Rings for men on Amazon!

10: Nerdy Paraphernalia

Valentine's Day Nerdy Stuff

Is your man really into gaming? Or maybe he’s a diehard fan of a sci-fi or fantasy series? Harry Potter, Star Wars, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Team Fortress?

Whatever his fandom, Redbubble is a great site to look for items from both popular and more obscure games, books, or movies. The art is done by independent artists and can be printed on clothes, stickers, pillows, and more. I’ve been really happy with everything I have ordered from this site.

11: Gift Cards

Valentine's Day Gift Cards

Let’s have a heart to heart for a moment. I’ve been told my entire life that gift cards are a lousy gift because they imply a lack of thought/effort on the giver’s part or something like that.

But I have been given gift cards myself for various occasions, and I LOVE receiving gift cards. It’s so nice to be able to go to a store I love and buy exactly what I want or go eat at one of my favorite restaurants and being able to pay with a gift card. It’s the best!

Everyone seems to feel bad giving gift cards, but everyone loves receiving them. So you know what I say? It’s okay to give gift cards!

Get your man a gift card to his favorite website, store, or restaurant and let him buy exactly what he wants. Pair it with his favorite snacks, candy, or other small gift and you’re set!

12: PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Valentine's Day Gift Phone Cleaner Charger

Are you with a germaphobe or particularly health-conscious individual? This is the gift for them! Your smartphone goes with you everywhere during the day and collects all kinds of germs and unsavory particles. This device thoroughly cleans your smartphone while it charges! It’s pretty awesome.

13: A Subscription

Valentine's Day Gift Subscription

Want to give the gift that keeps on giving? Buy your man a subscription to a club that will send him a box every month! From clothes to entrepreneur insights to beard care and of course food, there are many different monthly subscriptions to choose from!

Both of these websites have a broad selection: Amazing Clubs and CrateJoy. Find the one that fits your man the best and sit back as he happily receives the next box every single month!

14: Event Tickets

Valentine's Day Gift Event Tickets

Tickets for a future event make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. Whether it’s for a movie, a concert, an expo or a sporting event, men love the promise of going to do something they love with the one they love.

Stubhub is a great place to start looking for tickets! Groupon is another great site because it gives you discounts for upcoming events in your area.

15: Tools

Valentine's Day Gift Tools

What man doesn’t love his tools? If your guy doesn’t have a toolset yet, this is a must-buy for Valentine’s Day this year.

If he is the type of man who has and loves all of the basic tools, he may be wanting something more specific such as a Dremel 8050 Micro tool, a Stanley TLM99S Laser Distance Measurer, or a Honda EU2000I generator.

16: Homesick candles

Valentine's Day Gift Homesick Candles

If the man in your life is far from the place he grew up, he might like one of these candles. Whether he is a soldier deployed in a foreign land, away at an out of state college, or if he just lives across the country now, these candles can bring back happy memories of his home state.

Each candle is infused with scents common to each particular state, such as dark leather for Texas, cactus flower for Nevada, and pineapple for Hawaii. Check out these unique candles now!

17: Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Valentine's Day Gift Burts Bees Set

Men don’t always spend as much time on skincare as women do. This set is one of the perfect gifts for the man who needs the basics. This brand is amazing and the smells are fabulous.

Complete with shaving cream, aftershave, body wash, hand salve, and chapstick, this kit will help your man prepare well for not only for work but for your Valentine’s Day date.

18: A Hammock

Valentine's Day Gift Hammock

Everyone needs a good hammock! There are few things more relaxing than reading a good book or taking a nap in a hammock on a sunny day.

Even if your man doesn’t have a yard of his own, hammocks are great for camping trips or even for a few hours at a local park. The only thing better than dozing off in a hammock alone is cuddling up in a hammock with your significant other.

A fun way to present this gift for Valentine’s Day is to buy the hammock and give it to your significant other as part of a picnic package. He’ll love it!

19: A Drone

Valentine's Day Gift Drone

I have yet to meet a man who does not enjoy piloting a drone. My brother, my boyfriend, their friends, my old coworkers, my boyfriend’s cousins and uncles: all of them crack a smile and focus all of their attention on these little machines as soon as a drone controller is placed in their hands. I guarantee this will be a hit with any man.

There are many types of drones and a large range of quality/price. I have listed a few options below that have excellent reviews and range from the lower end devices to the more expensive drones. Find one that fits your budget and you have a winning gift!

Holy Stone Predator Helicopter-Quadcopter

Holy Stone Shadow Quadcopter Beginners

Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter

20: A Manly Journal

Valentine's Day Gift Manly Journal

Another item everyone should have is a nice journal. Some people love keeping a steady journal about their life, some people need a place to record occasional thoughts, and others just need a safe spot to work on a story or business idea.

Whatever your man’s dispositions or habits, he needs a nice journal. Personally, I think leather journals are a great way to go when buying gifts for a man. I’ve included a plain leather option and one with a classy design. Both are great choices!

21: Milanese Bands (for Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc)

Valentine's Day Gift Milanese Bands

If your man has an Apple Watch, a Fitbit, or something similar you should definitely get him Milanese bands for his device. These bands have a classy look to them and come in many different colors.

They have a magnetic clasp so they can be adjusted fit perfectly and can be worn at work, at the gym, or anywhere else. Not only do they fit better than the default bands, they are so much more comfortable. I bought a few for myself and absolutely ADORE them. I got my boyfriend one for Christmas as one of his gifts, and he is SO glad he switched to this band.

The best part of all? The bands are really cheap! Just make sure to buy the band that fits the correct model of whatever device your significant other owns: Fitbit Band and Apple Watch Band.

Hope you found some perfect gifts for your man on this list!


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The best Valentine's Day gifts for him that he'll actually love! These are the gifts we have on our lists for our sweethearts. #Valentinesday #valentinesdaygifts #thisbluedress
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