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Long-distance straight up stinks. Being away from your significant other is hard enough, but Valentine’s Day makes it 100 times worse. Not only are you missing your partner, but you also have to watch everyone else be happy with theirs.

Your friends in relationships pity you. Your single friends tell you that you’re lucky to have someone. No one understands.

It just plain sucks.

I can’t promise to make Valentine’s Day the best day ever. It will still hurt to be away from your loved one, BUT we can make it less miserable.

Long-distance relationships are STILL relationships, and they need attention too. Let’s give Valentine’s Day a brand new look: a Long-Distance Look.

10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Long-Distance Relationship:

1. Dinner Date Via Skype

Go get takeout from your favorite restaurants or similar restaurants (both steak or both Chinese). Bring it back to your houses and Skype/FaceTime each other while you eat. Skip all the couples at the restaurants and have a private dinner.

Or surprise your love with a delivery of their favorite food in their area!

2. Snail Mail

Nothing beats receiving ACTUAL mail (not bills)! Send your love letters or postcards the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

3. Care Package

Tangible gifts are a great way to lift spirits around Valentine’s Day. Include all their favorite things: candies, books, movies, and a little note with your cologne/perfume. (Check out this list of great gift ideas for him for inspiration!)

4. “Open When Letters”

This is a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, any and all holidays! It is a staple for long-distance couples. Write several separate letters to your loved one for different moods or times.

For example, write a letter to them for them to open “when you miss me” or “when you are sad”. Fill these letters with sweet memories and stick them in envelopes filled with their favorite things

5. Favorite Things Jar

Fill a jar with slips of paper that say all your favorite things about him/her. Or write song lyrics on them that describe your feelings. These slips can say anything!

Fill the jar with enough slips for a year or enough slips until your next visit (like a countdown).

6. Plan a surprise with your loved one’s friends, coworkers, or roommates.

Anything! Maybe it is a new dress or a meal or a note. Any surprise will brighten their day, I promise. Getting others involved will help your loved one feel less lonely.

7. Send Videos Every Hour of the Day

Surprise your love with a video an hour on V-day! They can be via texting, via Snapchat. Just short videos about your love for them. They will look forward to them!

8. Send them a Personalized Playlist

Thanks to the ease of Spotify, you can create a whole Playlist in your love’s honor. Fill this folder with songs about them, your love for them. They’ll love it and probably cry.

9. Call Them in the Morning

Many couples love their “good morning” texts but Valentine’s day is Special. Make sure your loved one feels special today and hears your voice.

10. Plan or Talk About Your Next Visit to See Each Other

It is not in your plans to see each other February 14th or you wouldn’t be reading this. If I could see Alex on Valentine’s Day, then I wouldn’t be sending him gifts. Sometimes seeing each other is not an option. BUT. Do yourself a favor and make yourself excited about the next time you’ll see each other.

Love is all around. It is real. Sometimes due to stupid circumstances, you have to be without your love for a long time. It does not get better. Time, in my opinion, makes it worse.

Yet, you are here. Reading this post because you love that person. You want to be with that person. And I want to hug you and tell you to keep fighting. Keep going! True love is not hindered by distance. You can and you WILL have a happy Valentine’s Day. We all deserve it!

With love,


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