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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and couples everywhere are placing dinner reservations. A nice meal may run you $50, and add 2 movie tickets on top of that, you are looking at a very expensive night. You’ll be fighting crowds the whole time, and it’s not enjoyable for anybody. If you are like me, you want to have the cliche Valentine’s Day, but you just cannot afford it this year. Whether you’re too bored or too poor, there is a budget date for you on this list. Dates are supposed to grow your love; they do not have to be pricey or typical. This Blue Dress wanted to show you a glimpse into the world of endless date ideas.

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1. “Chopped”

Based on the popular cooking series “Chopped”, this date night consists of choosing random edible elements to create a dish. You can work together as a team to beat the clock, or work against each other to see who can make the best dish! (Just make sure you budget how much each of you spends on ingredients before the date!)

2. Crepe Bar

Crepes are the chameleons of the food pyramid. They have endless toppings. You can have dessert crepes, breakfast crepes, bacon crepes, YOU name it! Create a topping bar (buy store-brand items to pinch some pennies) and whip out these delicious treats.

3. Fort Night

Unleash your inner child with this date. Gather all your blankets and pillows and build a fort! Don’t forget to bring your favorite games to play inside.

4. Ice Cream Tasting

We all know where the ice cream aisle is in our grocery store. This time, do not hold back. Indulge in the cravings. Buy several of the mini tubs of ice cream and have your own ice cream tasting!

5. Lunch Date

Most people make dinner reservations weeks in advance for Valentine’s Day. Restaurants that do not accept reservations will still be packed from 5-9 pm. Skip the dinner crowds and go have a LOVEly lunch with your love.

6. Painting or Craft Night

Art allows us to make fun memories together with our favorite people. Make a scrapbook together, or buy a 2-pack of blank canvases and paint the night away! You’ll definitely have fun and you’ll have something to keep at the end of the night!

7. Dancing

My husband and I love to dance together. It is completely free (budget win) and Spotify premium makes it easy to keep a playlist on hand. To make it extra special, get dressed up and light candles around the room. Have fun dancing the night away!

8. Fondue or S’mores

For Christmas, each of the sisters at This Blue Dress got a Nostalgia s’more maker. They are amazing, easy to use, and a fun alternative dessert to your valentine’s day.

9. Indoor Picnic

In most states, it is too cold for an outdoor picnic on February 14th, but you don’t have to rule out any picnic; just have it indoors! Lay out a blanket and bring your food to the floor!

10. Wedding Foods

This is a tip someone told me for an anniversary, but you can use it for the 14th too! Eat foods from your wedding menu, or eat foods that have significance in your relationship. Maybe you had waffles on your first date, so eat waffles!

11. Ice skating

This fun winter activity is a great date night for February 14th. You can hold hands the whole time and drink cocoa after to stay warm.

12. Redbox

The movie theaters will be packed with kissing couples and it is not where i want to be on my Valentine’s Day. Hit up Redbox for a movie of your choice and snuggle up on the couch with your own popcorn and candy.

13. Scavenger Hunt

Make a scavenger hunt around your city for your significant other! You can include special spots between you two and don’t forget to hit up your favorite dessert place on the trek. The creativity is in your hands.

14. JUMP For My Love

Trampoline parks are a fun alternative for you and your significant other. Be active and have fun!

15. Eat Cheap Deals

Valentine’s Day is a major holiday which means MAJOR deals. Restaurants will be competing for the customers so shop around for who will give you the best BOGO deals! Do not be afraid of restaurant hoping (it is so fun).

16. Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Treats

Chocolate covered strawberries will run you $2 a berry. Not joking. Make your own budget berries! Buy melting chocolate from your local grocery store and buy treats that you love to dip: rice krispy treats, strawberries, marshmallows, and maraschino cherries! You’ll have fun AND save money.

17. Go For a Drive with Snacks

Going for a drive is always fun and romantic. Play some soft music or play the newlywed game while driving through the city.

18. Play the Newlywed Game

This Blue Dress has created our own questionnaire for the Newlywed game. Get to know your spouse with these fun questions. You’ll learn something new about each other every time you play, no matter how old you are!

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19. Soda Mixers or Mocktails

Torani syrups insert make a great addition to any soda. Have fun making these delicious drinks on Valentines day!

20. Deliver a Valentine’s Day Card/ Heart Attack Someone

Be selfless this holiday and heart attack someone lonely this holiday! Cut out heart shaped papers and write sweet notes to them! Compliment them, write funny jokes, anything that will make them smile and feel loved!

For the sports fans out there, go to an athletic event for your date night! Girls games will usually be cheaper, and you can cheer on your local team! College, high school, or professional depending on your budget.

21. Hockey Game or Basketball Game

This Blue Dress wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day, and a good luck on your budget.

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