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Looking for some fresh, creative date ideas? You’re in the right spot. These fun, out-of-the-box dates for all budgets will do the trick.

Make an ordinary weekend extraordinary for your loved one by going the extra mile to plan a creative date! We highly recommend the following date ideas; they are fun, budget-friendly, and easy to plan. You’ll get opportunities to learn more about your significant other, let loose, and keep that flame burnin’.

Maegan & her husband Joey

Creative Date Ideas

Food Fight

This can be a fun single or group date! Each of you bring 3-5 soft, messy food items (think spaghetti, pudding, applesauce, oatmeal, etc.) to an outdoor area (likely someone’s backyard or somewhere you won’t get in trouble). Set up a folding table for all the food items and then have an all-out food war! See who gets the messiest and be sure to take pictures afterwards. Bring trash bags for clean-up, extra clothes, and towels for use after you hose off.

Who’s Got a Better Accent, Anyway?

Pick 3-5 accents that are different than your own. Go online and watch videos of a vocal coach teaching those accents. Then record yourselves saying various phrases in those accents. See which ones you get the hang of, and which ones get your tongue tied!

Face & Body Paint

Let your inner child and artist come out and get creative with your bodies as the canvas! Watch some tutorials on costume make-up and try out some face-painting designs on each other. Or, you can go free style! Wear a swimsuit and paint cool patterns on each other with body paint!

Madison & her husband Alex

Secondhand Clothes

Go to a thrift store and pick out 3 outfits for your date to model for you. Let him or her do the same for you. Pick your favorite one, buy it, and wear it out to get dinner or dessert! If you end up with an embarrassing outfit, just remember that it’s not as bad now that we’re all wearing masks!


Go to an in-person class or watch online tutorials on drawing caricatures. Then test your skills and draw each other!

Comic Strip

Using your skills from the caricature date, design each other as cartoons and make a comic strip based on real-life experiences you share. Think funny events at a family reunion, a disastrous vacation, awkward encounters with crazy co-workers or your neighbors, or how you guys met.

Glow Date

MaLee recalled this memorable date:

“When my husband and I were dating, I planned a surprise glow-in-the dark night for him. I told him to wear a pair of old clothes and then took him to a local park. 

At the park, we played glow-in-the-dark ring toss and glow-in-the-dark bocce ball. Then I pulled out glow-in-the-dark egg smash art! (Step-by-step instructions for setting this up are coming soon.) We had so much fun with that art project, which ended in an impromptu paint throwing fight. 

To finish off the date, I gave him a Glowbie (SOBE drink with glowsticks inside) to sip on in the car while I went around the park setting up our last activity: a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt! 

Before the date, I went through my journal from when we first met and picked out several entries. I copied lines from the journal that talked about what I thought of him when we first met, entries from when we first started dating, and then a few lines describing my favorite things about him and how much I love him. I put those papers into Easter eggs and then when we got to the park, I cracked glowsticks and taped them to each egg. 

I “hid” the eggs around the park and then grabbed him from the car and we did an Easter egg hunt. Once he’d found all the eggs, he took the papers out, put them all together, and was able to read through my version of our story. It was such a sweet experience and so much fun. 

After being together for eight years, we still talk about this as one of our favorite dates of all time!

Tara & her husband Tyler

Virtual 5k

Virtual 5ks are all the rage during this pandemic! After sign up, you’ll receive a running bib and other goodies at your home. Then you choose a fun 3.1 mile course and go!

There are so many fun themes to choose from (like Harry Potter, Baby Yoda). You can also run for a cause you want to support! Because the 5k items will need to be shipped to you, this date will take some advanced planning. While you wait for your t-shirts and running bibs, plan some running dates and train together for your big event.

Short Film

Make a short film together! Write a parody and create a music video, or put your heads together to make an original script for a drama, romance, or comedy. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next internet stars!

Make Some Wacky Food

Cook up some interesting eats together! Creating food art can be so much fun!

Swap a Skill

This is a cool date that gives you both a chance to be master and student. Give your loved one a short (or long!) tutorial on something you’re good at. Then switch! Be sure to offer compliments to your significant other and to not take yourself too seriously.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Wear your hair in a way you’ve never done it, go try a menu item that scares you, do a new activity. Mix things up, and you’ll be surprised on what you end up liking. Worst case scenario, you’ll have funny or embarrassing stories to share.

Bucket List

Do something on each other’s bucket list. Don’t have one? Spend time writing one and then do something!

Mariah & her husband Jake

Outside the Box

Do classic things in a new place. Picnic on the floor. Dance in front of your headlights in a parking lot or in your driveway.

Ugly Photos

Mariah and her college roommates used to try to take the most unflattering pictures of themselves as possible, which led to lots of side-splitting laughter.

Let loose as a couple and make crazy faces and capture all the funny angles. This out-of-the-box date will bring you closer with the gift of humor.

Song Writing

You can take a few different approaches with this.

You can actually try to write a hit song or a sweet love song. This could actually take several date nights as you come up with lyrics and melody.

For a shorter, laid back date, try a song writing game. Each person writes 5-10 words on little scraps of paper, which then gets mixed up. In the order that you draw them, use those words to write a song!


Do an activity, but do it while one person is blindfolded! We advise something that won’t end in a trip to the ER, like video games or making something simple in the kitchen.

creative themed date
Makayla & her husband Jesse

Themed Date

If you’re fresh out of ideas, a themed date is always fun and can be simple to plan. Makayla planned a really creative half-birthday date for her husband. One of Tara’s friends decorated his apartment like a genie lamp, ordered Moroccan food, and watched Aladdin with his girl. Do a Bob Ross night and do a cute paint by-number kit together.

We hope you have a blast doing these fun, creative dates!

-This Blue Dress Sisters

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