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We often talk about the big and impressive stuff when we are asked about our bucket lists: things like the classic bungee jumping, traveling to a foreign country, breaking a world record.

While it’s fun to think about the thrilling experiences we want to have, I think it’s important to also have some simple items on our bucket lists. Things that break up the mundane but aren’t necessarily crazy or expensive.

Having simple items on my list helps me to live more intentionally and to not just coast through life. I don’t always wait until the weekend to do fun things. I look for opportunities in my day-to-day to try new things or live a little bigger.

The chance to go in a hot air balloon or eat my way around Europe will come someday. But there are a lot of small, awesome things that I can do now!

For example, I finally got around to trying aΒ macaron! I wanted to know why so many people are crazy about those little photogenic cookies. I had a fabulous time taste testing raspberry, pistachio, and vanilla flavors with my daughter. And you bet I wish I had purchased that second box that offered chocolate and lavender macarons.

No, this wasn’t a life-altering experience. But it satisfied a curiosity I’ve had for a long time, and it made my quiet Tuesday in May a little more special.

Yeah, I want to go on a cruise, visit Ireland and New Zealand, zip line, be an extra in a movie, go to Harry Potter World.

But you know what else do I want to do? I want to grow something in my first garden at my new house. I want to learn how to do a Pull-through braid. Ride a horse. Try Taco Bell breakfast. Learn how to take high-quality photos. Get my hair professionally colored.

Small stuff. Great stuff.

We could miss out on so many great things while waiting for the opportunity to do the big things.

So in between the gaps of “Run a Marathon” and “Skydiving”, remember to include “Try the new restaurant in town” “Learn to Crochet” or “Buy a cheap, spontaneous plane ticket”.

Do whatever excites you!


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Why You Should Add Simple Things To Your Bucket List #bucketlist #dreamlife

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