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As a bride during the age and reign of Pinterest, I can tell you of the million wedding checklists out there. Ones for your decorations, ones for your reception, ones for your bridesmaid duties, there are so many! I could sit here and give a lecture on how none of these things matter (because they do not), but the truth is that every girl dreams of her wedding and I cannot take away those things from you. But I am not here to tell you about all of the things you will forget. There are, like I said, literally thousands of detailed checklists out there to tell you to pack your wedding shoes, to start waxing 3 months prior to your wedding, and to pack days before you leave for the honeymoon. Instead of getting lost in the crowd of checklists, I decided to write the REAL Pre-Wedding Checklist. The things that are THE most essential to a beautiful wedding day.

1. A groom that loves you. As cheesy as this sounds, it is the most essential thing, right? Why else would you be reading this? I doubt you are throwing an expensive party just for fun. You want everything to go right because your family and friends will be all around you for one day to celebrate your LOVE. Not your fancy dress or food.

2. A maid of honor who has your back. This is one of the only wedding traditions that I LOVE. Every bride needs a girl who she can ugly cry in front of on her wedding day (thanks Maegan!). Trust me when I say something will go wrong on your wedding day, and you need your best friend right beside you to calm you down before your makeup smears (or to fix it when it does).3. Pack a water bottle, crackers, and a mint. Of all the things I had in my emergency bag, these three very essential things were missing, and my sisters had to run and get me some. After a long morning of getting ready and rushing everywhere, I was dying of thirst, needed a pick me up snack, and a breath freshener. Your dress tearing would be terrible, so yes a needle and thread would be good, but you passing out would be worse. Put. Food. In. Your. Emergency. Bag.4. Have a day-of wedding planner that is NOT your mom or closest female relative to you. It could be someone from your bridal party, but I would suggest a close friend, an aunt, or someone from your church! My mom was so busy running around with the tiny day-of-details that we missed precious moments together. One of my favorite moments of the day was when my mom helped me put my wedding dress on. She was in a wheelchair (long story) and I had to squat in my tight dress, so she could zip me up. It was funny and special to me. Take the time with your mom, your aunt, grandma, or any loved ones you have! Let someone else deal with the wedding details.

5. Have someone pack you a to-go bag of goodies. The best treat was getting in our getaway car with lots of snacks and goodies. We had a on-the-road snack for us for the honeymoon. Non-perishable stuff like candy, crackers, chips; it was a great gift!

6. A smile. Do not let the nerves, the things going wrong, or anything else, take that smile off of your face. This is your day. You are marrying the love of your life and it is a day to smile.7. A notepad or journal. Please please please, take my advice and write thoughts or feelings down on your wedding day while you’re driving or in that awkward time between events. Having those little moments written down will capture it better than any picture or video. It is something you can reflect on with your spouse or future children. This was some of the best advice I received before my day and I’m passing it on to you!

Plan as much as you can in advance, but on your wedding day just relax and enjoy this day to celebrate your love. If you can cross off these things, you’ll have a great wedding day. Best of luck and wishes from This Blue Dress!



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